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Faking Mr Right book pdf download for free or read online, also Faking Mr Right pdf was written by K.C. Crowne.

BookFaking Mr RightAuthorK.C. CrowneLanguageEnglishSize391 KBPages236CategoryNovels

Faking Mr Right Book PDF download for free

This is a FULL stand-alone novel in the Mountain Men of Liberty series. This is the love story of Levi Callaghan and a surprise pregnancy romance between friends and lovers in a small town. Each book can be read separately. Transport yourself to this enchanting and magical mountain town as we follow several rugged mountaineers on their search for lasting love. Enjoy! I know I did!

Faking Mr Right Book Pdf Download

Which is a little white lie between friends to keep the family off their backs. Well, in this case, a little story turned into a big pain. All Anna and Levi wanted was to prevent the family from setting them up, how hard could that be, good intentions aside, the family just doesn’t get it sometimes. But when Levi and Anna discover that keeping feelings out of the equation doesn’t really work, they either lie to themselves or to each other. I love reading about the younger Callaghan and I’m glad Levi found someone so much like him. I really enjoyed this book.

Levi and Anna hadn’t seen each other since high school as they both had extremely brilliant minds. Both set out to continue training in the areas they wanted. Levi had returned to Sunville, Utah, to join the family business and be close to his family. Anna only came back for the summer to be with her family and attend her sister’s wedding before going off somewhere to work as a vet on an exotic reserve, but her family kept trying to set her up with different men. .

It was then that Levi and Anna carried out the plan to be a fake couple while at Anna’s sister’s engagement party with her and two of her families following them with likely dates. That was their response for the summer, to be left alone and alone, but they didn’t anticipate the explosive chemistry between them. Too quickly, what was fake became all too real. What would you do? Could they find a way to have it all? One of the best books I’ve read. It was well written, I felt like I was watching some of the scenes there. Great humor and depiction of wildlife other than pets.

This book was a sweet, fun, light read that felt a bit rushed at times. Nosy relatives are trying to set Levi and Anna up with people they don’t care about, so telling their families that Levi and Anna are dating seems like a perfect solution. It is mentioned multiple times that neither of them are human, but the two clicked and had great conversations.

But for the most part, the reader is just told and not shown what they were talking about, even though we know they are both interested in wildlife, conservation, and working with animals. . Their aggressive friends and family start talking about wedding bells about two minutes after Levi and Anna first go public, and I didn’t have time to feel any sexual tension or chemistry between them before the first sex scene was over. . I’m not morally against instalust between spoiled adults, but in a book, the story usually works best for me when it begins with a self-conscious wish before gratification.

And somehow they both fell asleep right after and spent the night naked on the floor, which seemed a bit unlikely. Unless they were really, really drunk, I think. Anna is only in town temporarily, so they agree to keep it casual, but a lot of people seem to think they’re a good match and look at each other in a way that indicates they’re falling in love. It doesn’t take long for Levi to be fully into the relationship, but Anna is reluctant, conflicted that she’s excited about landing her dream job in Africa.

This author seems to have a soft spot for unplanned pregnancies – I’m not sure I’ve read any Crowne book that didn’t include a surprise baby. Wildly guess if Anna will get pregnant. (If you need a hint, this is called “The Romance of a Mountain Man’s Baby.”) I enjoyed reading the story, but in the end, if I were Levi, I could never be sure if Anna had come back because she loved me or just because her pregnancy forced her to.

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