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The Four Leaf book pdf download for free or read online, also The Four Leaf pdf was written by Lee Jacquot.

Lee Jacquot is a wild-haired bibliophile who writes romance novels with strong heroines that deserve happy endings. When Lee isn’t writing or reading a good book, she’s laughing or yelling at her husband’s prank.

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The Four Leaf Book PDF download for free

Two best friends grow up together, fall in the love, get married and live happily ever after. But what about the one where the girl is left in the friend zone after a clumsy attempt to attack her best friend?

This is my story.

It’s been over a decade, and while our platonic relationship somehow survived, I still cringe when I think about it.

Like right now.

I’m supposed to fix up my hotel for the guests of the St. Patrick’s Day parades, but instead I watch my best friend fix one of my sinks. The memory and sting of her polite rejection years ago usually helps clear my head, but this time it’s not working. Not when there’s been an obvious change in the air.

And definitely not when he just grabbed my hips, growled in my ear and told me to run.

The Four Leaf is a standalone novel in the Holinight series, featuring strong language, explicit scenes, and adult situations. Reader discretion is advised.

The Four Leaf Book Pdf Download

If you’ve been here a while you know that Friends in Love aren’t books I usually read BUT this book… I may need to read more because I enjoyed it.

This is the second book in the Holinights series to be set on St Patrick’s Day like the first, it’s a holiday romance but you can’t get the hang of it being a holiday romance so I really enjoyed it .

I really loved that we get a backstory about Samantha and Adrian, we get bits and pieces of their childhood and what has guided them up to this point. While there wasn’t much backstory, it was enough for me to meet the two MCs and now believe in their relationship. Honestly, they were really cute and I loved them.

The racy scenes in this book really just scratched an itch I had to scratch.

primary game.

If you don’t like the main games or the hunting problem, skip this one because that’s the main problem.

It was so well done and the author prepared me for this scene so well that I was basically on the edge of my seat waiting to get to the main play. Now Adrian’s sense of smell seems to be a bit better than others considering he can apparently smell her arousal (like it’s an Omegaverse or Paranormal type romance). To be honest I didn’t really put my mind to it and it didn’t take away from the story, but some might not get over it.

Outside of the main game, let’s not forget that Samantha caught Adrian masturbating because of her. And she looks… great.

No thoughts, just happy vibes.

This was a short, sweet and funny little book. I think if you’re into primary gamebooks this would be a good place to start. I’ve only read 2 other books with primary gameplay and both are from dark inverted harems. This would be a much easier way to dip your toe into that twist.

Samantha and her twin sister own a hotel called The Four Leaf. On St. Patrick’s Day, his childhood friend and rugby superstar Adrian returns to town and stays at the hotel. Sam and Adrian wrestle with their feelings for each other until they can’t take it anymore while playing some not-so-innocent childhood games. Great jokes and heartbreak between them. This was my first book I read that included the main game and it made me want to get hunted in the woods! Search for more primary doms now 😉

Sam and Adrian have been best friends since childhood. Their families used to own a hotel in Boston, but Adrian is now a rugby player. Sam runs the hotel with his twin sister and Adrian helps where he can. Sam has had a long-standing crush on Adrian, but she’s afraid of ruining their friendship after he rejected her advances many years ago. However, Adrian also has feelings for her, but worries that he can’t handle what he calls the beast within.

I loved the connection between the primitive game of adults and the tag and hide and seek they played as children. There was a lot of thick tension and build up leading up to the racy scenes. Besides a really strong chemistry there was also a lot of love and history between Sama and Adrian.

It was so much fun reading all four leaves! It is the second book in Lee Jacqout’s Holinight novel series. The first book (Christmas on the Thirteenth Floor) was about a different couple so they can be read as stand alone novels.

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