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Broken Player book pdf download for free or read online, also Broken Player pdf was written by R.C. Stephens.

RC Stephens is one of the 100 best-selling authors on Amazon.

When she is not in her writing studio, she is raising three beautiful children with her adoring husband.

Her books are full of humor, heartbreak, emotion and true love.

Born and raised in the Toronto, she loves winter, but spring and fall are her favorite seasons.

BookBroken PlayerAuthorR.C. StephensLanguageEnglishSize330 KBPages307CategoryNovels

Broken Player Book PDF download for free

to flourish

My heart has been broken many times than I can count. Giving up men was the best thing I’ve ever done. Second best: getting a job as a waitress at the off-campus bar The Firken.

My grumpy boss is very nice to everyone… except me.

He shouldn’t bother me, but he does.

Darren is handsome, mysterious, and even more unattainable than I am.

I’ve gotten over my ghosts, but he’s still haunting his.

I thought that after years of working closely together, maybe, just maybe, we would finally cross that line. But quick kisses don’t count, even all day.

I wish it wasn’t so closed that I could see what I see.

He may be the broken player… but his damaged heart is definitely worth saving.


Falling in love again is not an option. Keep your distance… that’s the rule.

Running The Firken and being a personal trainer is all I have room for in my life.

Night after night I watch Blossom reject boys. And every damn time I feel relieved.

She’s smart, she’s beautiful, and there’s something about her that makes me want to protect her. Even if that refers to me.

After years of fighting my feelings, we became friends until I ruined everything for her by pushing her into another man’s arms.

I need to recover or risk losing the best thing that has happened to me since my life collapsed.

This is a full length novel with no catches and a HEA.

Broken Player Book Pdf Download

This is the 5 book in this amazing series. This is Blossom and Darren’s book and I loved it. It was so heart gripping and heartbreaking. They both endured so much and were working through so much. Darren was going through so much guilt and pain he was just going through the motions and trying to keep Blossom at arms length.

Blossom was so scared of letting someone close and being put in the position she was before so much that she had a massive wall built around her heart. This was definitely a slow burn romance but it is so worth every bit of it. It was emotionally wonderful and I loved it. Highly recommend and can’t wait for the next one.

Blossom and Darren took me on an emotional and hopeful journey. For Blossom, she had to grow up fast and take care of her younger sister when her parent’s let her down. She is incredibly strong and is working to rebuild her life as she enrolls in college. She is recovering from a bad relationship so she doubts her decision making which has her focusing on school and work as she rebuilds her confidence. Her sister Rebel, gets her a job at where she had worked and loved her boss, Darren. But when Blossom meets Darren, he’s not as friendly to her.

Darren has been hiding from life, just going through the motions by working all the time to run from the guilt he carries. He has a huge heart and there isn’t anything he won’t do to help someone in need. When he first meets Blossom, he isn’t prepared for his heart to have an immediate connection to her. He doesn’t believe he is worthy of another relationship in his life after losing his first love.

The slow burn to this romance is beautiful as we peel back the layers for both Blossom and Darren to truly understand and appreciate all the challenges they have faced. This really allowed them to find ways to be there for each other as they worked to heal and realize love is possible.

Darren is going through the motions of life after heartbreak. He is friendly to everyone that comes into the bar, but mostly keeps them at arms length. He hasn’t felt anything in the years, until his very new waitress walks in. There’s something about her that stirs things inside of him. But guilt always wins over and he pushes her away.

Over the years, he and Blossom form a friendship ish type of deal. Until something clicks for Darren that he has the choice to live the shell of his life, or try to be with someone who can help fill the holes in his heart. Is he strong enough to move on from his past or will guilt take over once again?

Blossom hasn’t ever had it easy. From growing up in a horrible family, to putting her dreams aside to help raise her sister. Now it’s her turn to go back to school and make something of herself. But she needs a job. It’s where she meets Darren and is drawn to him. But after being hurt by men in the past, she swears them all off. She’s strong, independent and determined to be better than her parents. Can she trust his hot and cold after years of being pushed away or is he going to break her just like the others?

So I won’t lie, this book took me some time to get into. It was written differently than how I expected, and you really start at the beginning of their story. These two poor souls have been through more crap in their lives than anyone should, but if they lean on each other, maybe they can make something wonderful. I really like this series, even though this didn’t hit the mark perfectly for me, I’d defiantly still recommend it to anyone who wants the happily ever after.

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