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The Love Of My Life book pdf download for free or read online, also The Love Of My Life pdf was written by Rosie Walsh.

Rosie Walsh lives on a medieval farm in Devon, UK with her partner and two young children after years of living and traveling the world as a documentary filmmaker and writer.

BookThe Love Of My LifeAuthorRosie WalshLanguageEnglishSize1.8 MBPages380CategoryNovel

The Love Of My Life Book PDF download for free

Emma loves her husband Leo and their little daughter Ruby – she would do anything for them. But almost everything she told them about herself is all lie.

And she could have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for her husband’s job. Leo is an obituary writer; Emma, ​​a very well-known marine biologist. When she becomes seriously ill, Leo gets by with what he does best: researching and writing about his wife’s life. But as he begins to uncover the truth, he discovers that the woman he loves doesn’t really exist. Even his name is fake.

When the darkest moments of Emma’s past finally surface, she must somehow prove to Leo that she really is the woman he always thought she was. . .

The Love Of My Life Book Pdf Download

THE LOVE OF MY LIFE is Walsh’s second novel, and I daresay it was better than the first. The author draws the reader in with the character relationships and dynamic between Leo and Emma, ​​yet keeps the narrative alive by delivering intrigue and hidden secrets. The game between tension and emotion is successful.

What’s great about this book is the layers Walsh builds in the story along with the depth of his characters. At first you think you know all the players, but then a bombshell hits that shatters preconceived notions. In truth, for most of the novel, I thought I figured out Emma, ​​Leo, and Janice. Then a new fact would emerge that would make me question everything. That tension really drives the story forward. There’s something so comforting when hidden things, secrets and lies come to the surface when you get to know the people you read about.

From the start I loved the emotion and heart that the words created by the author bring to the table. He lifted Emma up and knocked her down until in the end she could only become a new person. Sure, many of its traits were there, but when everything you know is questioned and fragmented, how can you be the same afterwards?

THE LOVE OF MY LIFE is well worth reading. Bring the best and the worst together while showing that at the end of every situation there is a glimmer of hope. Which book

The Love of My Life by Rosie Walsh is a standalone novel. This story revolves around Emma, ​​our heroine, who is a marine biologist; She is happily married to Leo, our hero who writes obituaries, and they have one daughter, Ruby. Emma has lymphoma and is looking forward to the results once her treatments are complete. At work, Leo secretly begins writing Emma’s stock obituary as a tribute, knowing he must face his mortality. what was his therapeutic approach to his possible death.

As Leo delves deeper into his life, he finds things in the past that don’t add up. Although the results of his blood test were positive and encouraging; He begins investigating the things Emma told him about her life before their marriage and quickly learns that she has lied about many things over the years, including her real name. As she begins to search her home for papers that might give her clues, Emma finds Leo looking for papers and worries that everything he has been hiding from his past is slowly unraveling.

I will say that the first third of the book was slow, with details we didn’t catch until the end. However, in the second part, which is a 20-year flashback to Emma’s (Emily) younger days, we learn more about what happened and why she was hiding things. The trauma she went through that she fully remembers and still accounts for those horrible things from the past that she fully shares with her best friend Jill (who is also part of the present). Another couple played an important role in Emily’s life, which continues to crystallize to the present day.

In the present, Leo begins to uncover the truths as he struggles to meet the people Emma knew before she met him and gradually learns more about the woman he loves. Emma will try to reason with him without giving away too much information, but a series of twists and turns changes things, and Emma will learn more about the hidden truths she never knew.

The Love of My Life was an interesting story with many twists and turns and we saw how all the pieces fit together in the last third of the book. When the darkest moments of Emma’s past come to light, she comes forward and proves that despite these lies, she still loves Leo, who is the love of her life. Will Leo Emma forgive? The Love of My Life was very well written by Rosie Walsh.

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