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The Prodigy book pdf download for free or read online, also The Prodigy pdf was written by Nichole Rose.

Nichole Rose is a short story writer returning to the West Coast after a long sojourn in the Dirty South. His books feature headstrong, curvaceous women and the alpha males who adore them.

BookThe ProdigyAuthorNichole RoseLanguageEnglishSize1.5 MBPages139CategoryNovel

The Prodigy Book PDF download for free

Nichole Rose and Loni Ree bring you Silver Spoon MC, and this isn’t your typical romantic MC series. Nichole and Loni like it easy. Join us on this wild ride from instalove.

The Prodigy Book Pdf Download

This series just keeps getting better and better.

Finn, also called Hacker by his brothers in the MC, avoids the water in Silver Spoon, especially since most of his brothers are falling in love. But when he sees the beautiful woman in the bookstore, not only is he willing to drink all the water, he showers twice a day.

Scarlett moved into town to take care of her aunt and works at the bookstore. When a guy who looks like “If Clark Kent and Jax Teller had a baby…” walks in and surprises her, she is even more surprised by the book he has placed at her feet.

Great story with the hot alpha who will not let go of her girl and will protect her at all times and has no problem standing up to her stalker. Grab a drink, sit back and lose yourself in the world of Silver Spoon.

Finn might still be my favorite! Scarlett and Finn meet in one of the weirdest and most hilarious ways, but honestly, it’s perfect for her. He had hoped that Finn would meet the women who would change his mind and win him over. I had a lot to do with Scarlett and felt sorry for her. But the chemistry and connection between her and Finn? Out of series!

Did I mention you’ve read your romance books? Also, Aunt Ophelia might be my favorite, she was not only funny but rude. When Scarlett gets into trouble, Finn and the MC step in to protect their own and their walls continue to crumble. Will he let Finn in? Will this danger ruin everything? As always, the countdown to the next book in the series is on!

To say this book was great is an understatement. It was my favorite book in this series and my favorite Nichole Rose book. Finn was the perfect boyfriend from the books and I own him, I’ve licked him, he’s mine. I loved how he courted Scarlett and read all her favorite books, I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with a guy who does.

But it really wasn’t just Finn that captured my heart, it was Scarlett as well. His clumsiness was endearing, but he also had a lot of cheekiness. And don’t even get me started on Aunt Ophelia, but let me tell you I want to be her when I grow up. Incredibly incredible story.

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