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Our Woman In Moscow book pdf download for free or read online, also Our Woman In Moscow pdf was written by Beatriz Williams.

BookOur Woman In MoscowAuthorBeatriz WilliamsLanguageEnglishSize4.3 MBPages451CategoryNovels

Our Woman In Moscow Book PDF download for free

In the fall of 1948, Iris Digby disappeared from her London home with her husband, an American diplomat, and their two children. The world is shocked by the sensational disappearance of the family. Were they eliminated by Soviet intelligence? Or have the Digbys defected to Moscow with a treasure trove of the West’s top secrets?

Four years later, Ruth Macallister receives a postcard from the twin sister, whom she has not seen since their disastrous separation in Rome in the summer of 1940, when war ravaged the continent and Iris fell madly in love with an enigmatic embassy official.

American named Sasha. Digby. Within days, Ruth heads to Moscow posing as the wife of counterintelligence agent Sumner Fox in a precarious plot to lure the Digbys out from behind the Iron Curtain.

But the complex truth behind Iris’s marriage defies Ruth’s comprehension, and as the sisters race to safety, a headstrong Soviet KGB officer forces them to make a heartbreaking choice between two irreconcilable loyalties.

Our Woman In Moscow Book Pdf Download

The worldwide depression of the 1930s led many naively idealistic, college-educated young people to join the Communist Party. They saw capitalism as a failed system and believed Soviet propaganda about the benefits of Marxism. They ignored the estimated 1-2 million who died in the Soviet Gulag camps and the 6-7 million who deliberately starved to death in the Ukraine.

The fact that the Soviet Union was an ally during World War II forced the media to keep silent about the terrible nature of Stalin. The Cold War only started when the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb on August 29, 1949. The Soviets were able to detonate the bomb because they eliminated some British and American agents and infiltrated American and British intelligence. That is the background of Beatrice’s book.

She uses different time periods: 1940 (before the United States entered the war); 1948 (postwar period); and 1952 (during the McCarthy hearings). She mixes her characters with historical figures, including Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean, who were part of the Cambridge Five, a Soviet-infiltrated British espionage ring that was active from the 1930s to the early 1950s.

Five characters dominate the story: Ruth Macallister and her twin sister, Iris; Sasha Digby; Sumner Fox; and Lyudmila Ivanova. In 1940 Ruth and Iris are twenty-two years old. As a teenager, Ruth was blond, “long-boned and well-built.” She liked to take charge, a trait she still has. She was once accused of having a “god complex”. But she is also described by those who worked with her during the war as “extremely intelligent, honorable, tough but fair, and not exaggerated in the use of [her of her] personal charisma” of hers. Iris is calmer and likes to draw.

As a child, she always had “chubby limbs” and “kinky locks the color of dirt”. It is Iris who surprises. “…loyalty was the real stuff of the Iris’s bones.” Towards the end of the story, she really muses, “…part of her wants to explain…she was never the small pumpkin of the Ruth’s imagination, that the sisterhood wasn’t clearly divided into the adventurous and the lonely Ruth. Iris shared that courage is woven from all sorts of different fabrics…” True to character, she keeps these thoughts to herself.

Like the Ruth and the Iris, Sasha Digby grew up in the New York. Her real name, which she does not share, is Cornelius Alexander Digby. Iris meets him at the Galleria Borghese while she is studying Bernini’s The Rape of Proserpina. They met briefly in New York when her mother and Macallister’s uncle, Charles Schuyler, were growing up together. Sasha is tall, blonde, an “Apollo” who smokes too much and is reserved. She works at the US Embassy in Rome.

The other man is Sumner Fox: “…a tall fellow, not exceptionally tall, but built like an Angus bull, all shoulders, a square, large-boned head on which barely half an inch of extremely pale hair stands on end – like Heus.” He now worked for the US Secret Service and was known at Yale for his soccer skills. A fifth character has her own chapters: Lyudmila Ivanova, who works in Moscow for the Soviet Secret Service.

She has a “declared hatred of bourgeois capitalist society” and an “extraordinarily ascetic lifestyle.” She has two rules of survival: first, don’t stand out and second, don’t trust anyone. Her office is run by British defectors. She waits “like a spider in the midst of an exquisite web.”

The title of the book will remind the reader of Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene. Like Greene’s novel, this story takes place primarily during the Cold War, when democracy was up against communism. But whereas Greene’s story used satire to mock Britain’s MI6, this is a story about the honour, defiance and bravery of two women, particularly the one who will become “our wife” in Moscow.

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