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Lyrical book pdf download for free or read online, also Lyrical pdf was written by Bea Paige.

Bea Paige lives a very private life in London… she likes red wine and Haribo (preferably together) and occasionally swings around poles whenever she feels like it.

BookLyricalAuthorBea PaigeLanguageEnglishSize1.7 MBPages398CategoryNovel

Lyrical Book PDF download for free

Lyrical is the second book in this new dark contemporary reverse harem academy romance for readers 17+ and tackles adult themes and some topics that might upset you. If you love dancing, your men on the criminal side, hot alpha holes, and the friends to foes to lovers trope, this is for you. It contains profanity and sexual scenes and ends on a cliffhanger.

Lyrical Book Pdf Download

Once upon a time, the Breakers were everything to Penny. And because they were, he had to give them up. Worse, they let her go. Since then she’s been torn to pieces; missing pieces of your heart. All that was left was her dance. Stardom Academy was his chance, but somehow the Breakers are at the Academy. Again she is caught between York, Zayn, Xeno, and Dax and Jeb and David. Once again she is a farmer and lives are at risk. He barely outlived her when they were children. They are men now and he can only hope that he is strong enough to face them again.

This book hurts me. Penny’s pain consumes everything. His feelings overwhelm me. I can’t tear my heart away from these pages. I have never felt so much anger and pain against a character and never absorbed it as my own. At some point in this book, anger joined my pain. Those guys… I understand that he broke their hearts. I understand that they felt cheated.

But they failed her; each of them disappointed him. They didn’t trust her. Their love was really selfish and when they lost it they became cruel. Some (one) more than the others. They weren’t starving. They weren’t afraid. You weren’t alone. They kept doing bad things. They never acted to protect another. They’re not the men Penny hoped they would be. You do not deserve it. They have to fix that somehow. Forgiveness and redemption, second chances, interrupted.

Again, I have to commend Bea Paige for her worlds overlapping. She is really a master at connecting her characters without artifice. Grim and Beast turned out to be more agile than I expected and I love it. Grim is a mystery. His affection for Pen was so unexpected and so appreciated. Clancy didn’t play a big role, but he’s incredibly reliable. We all needthea Clancy in our corner.

I have to mention the other star of this book. Dance. The story is perfectly choreographed. It’s not just told with words, it’s visual. Emotions leap out of the page with every movement and bleed through the musical choices. It’s telling that by dancing without a pen, the Breakers lost their ability to feel, and yet it kept them afloat. Telling stories on a whole new level and I really like that. That last dance amazed me.

Lots to discuss about this book in the best possible way. I never thought that Bea Paige could top a story like Freestyle. It was perfect, I never thought it could top it, but look, it did. I mean her writing is absolutely brilliant, I shouldn’t have doubted her either, but Freestyle was absolutely amazing and one of my favorite books. Okay, let’s get ready for an incredibly beautiful ride.

Firstly, I pre-ordered this book immediately after reading Freestyle, Book 1. Waking up today and showing up on my Kindle was like Christmas morning. Second, Pen is my hero. i want to be her I want their strength, I want to dance like them and I want their men. Dax was and is my man, but evil Zayn has risen a lot further in this book than he is. York too, holy York! He is so hot. And Xeno, you really are a handsome man, complicated but beautiful. Thank you Bea Paige for these beautiful characters.

OK, this story. Wow! I am shocked. My heart was really pounding the whole time I was reading. I haven’t done anything other than read this book all day and I’m so proud that I did. This book promises so much. Relationships are deeper than ever. New people come into the story, people I really loved. Can you tell Grim is like a mama bear to Pen? And Beast is hilarious.

This book had it all!!! It had heart, it had determination, it had one of the best soundtracks for a book! I could literally imagine Pen and The Breakers dancing over my head to every song. This is an absolute MUST READ ASAP. And this ending, why, where are you going??? Lee, I promise you will thank me!

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