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Hades book pdf download for free or read online, also Hades pdf was written by Anna Hackett.

BookHadesAuthorAnna HackettLanguageEnglishSize420 KBPages245CategoryNovels

Hades Book PDF download for free

He’s a wonderful ex-Interpol agent.

Big, dark and Italian.

He’s out of her league, but as danger explodes around her, she finds herself on the run with the sexiest man she’s ever met.

CIA analyst Gabbi Hansley has a plan: escape her broken family, get a great job, and build a safe and stable life for herself. Bored? Maybe, but she likes it boring. When he’s asked to meet with a security company and give him an encrypted drive, a quick and easy job goes horribly wrong.

Gabbi didn’t expect her contact to be the sexiest man she’d ever seen. I also didn’t expect the bad guys to show up and shoot bullets at the restaurant.

After years of breaking up mafia crime syndicates in Italy, former anti-mafia officer and Interpol agent Matteo “Hades” Mancini likes his job at Sentinel Security. He also knows he has nothing lasting to offer a woman, so he keeps things fun and temporary.

But when his dangerous past rears his head, he finds himself trapped by the tough, no-nonsense Gabbi, and takes a second look past her sensitive exterior to the seductive woman beneath.

Now Gabbi and Matteo are in a race to survive. As they work to figure out who’s after them, the attraction is intense and brilliant. Gabbi knows that a man like Matteo won’t be interested in her for long and asks him to show her all the things she was missing in the bedroom. But Matteo’s possessive need to protect her grows, and soon he has two objectives: hunt down the bad guys and convince Gabbi Hansley that she’s his.

Hades Book Pdf Download

Gabriella Hanigan is the consummate CIA analyst. They find themselves in danger when she is hired to deliver some items to Matteo or “Hades” at a famous Washington DC restaurant. There they are shot in a failed assassination attempt on Hades. The team of mob killers misidentify her as Hades’ lover and are looking for her, thinking of finding Hades in contact with her. The Sentinel boss sends them to a safe house in New York and the adventures begin.

Anna Hackett pulls you in from the first chapter. She is an expert in character development; Writing fun little details that enrich the narrative and produce stories that readers can (and will) devour. While I’ve always liked the “woo-woo” of some of their other series, the Sentinel series also excels at action-adventure excellence.

Something about a player finally finding their match really makes me sit up and take notice. Add in lots of action, steam, and of course general fun, and this book reminds me why Anna Hackett is one of my favorite authors. I was absolutely fascinated by Hades from the first book in the series (I love those gamers who became total softies with their wives).

Gabbi is a wonderful addition to the Matteo couple. She’s reserved and I loved how she grew up, first as a slightly insecure woman (socially at least) to someone who accepted her own worth and totally kicked butt!

Lots of action (Gabbi and Hades/aka Matteo being mob chased), lots of steam (whoo) and a really good look at the other Sentinel Security characters (who need their HEAs please) and I’m in the reader. Treasure. What a fun and fast-paced story that totally hooked me!

Matteo and Gabbi are surrounded by many dangers, but while they support each other, they need them both and strengthen what everyone knew would be. The character of Gabbi turned out to be very interesting and with enormous inner strength. With a life that hasn’t been easy at all, with shattered confidence and expecting nothing from life, Matteo Mancini brought strength and passion into Gabbi’s life and became the light on her path.

Oh! What a romantic and passionate man! I loved how they complemented each other and let their attraction carry them away. The story is full of action, suspense, adventure, danger, intense characters, strong emotions, violence and passion, with more than one of the supporting characters suggesting their own drama, intriguing and amusing me.

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