Download Wanted Understanding Daddy [PDF] By Sammi Cee

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Wanted Understanding Daddy book pdf download for free or read online, also Wanted Understanding Daddy pdf was written by Sammi Cee.

BookWanted Understanding DaddyAuthorSammi CeeLanguageEnglishSize243 KBPages174CategoryNovels

Wanted Understanding Daddy Book PDF download for free

Can one renewed friendship lead to more?

Dylan’s life took a turn for the worse in high school. So, out of fear and shame, he upstaged his best friend Brett. Now that things are finally working out for him, he’s more interested in fighting his way back into Brett’s life than finding the dad his friends think he needs. What is an understanding father anyway?

Brett feels that he has waited his whole life to find out why his childhood best friend left him. The more time they spend together, the clearer it becomes that he doesn’t need to understand what happened. All that matters is now.

As Brett’s feelings transform into something completely new, something special, will Dylan believe that he really wants to be his dad, or will he allow the past to prevent what was always meant to be?

Welcome to another heartwarming story from The Tap Tavern, as the dads help this chosen family of children discover just how beautiful they are.

This book contains references to previous child abuse. If this is a trigger, put your emotional and mental health first. dear sammy

Wanted Understanding Daddy Book Pdf Download

This was such a sweet story of two former best friends who found each other in a whole new way. This book takes place over several months and contains a lot in the time frame. We know Brett and Dylan because they basically ignore each other and their pasts. So they finally start talking and reconnecting. It was nice to see how their relationship developed.

It was very sad to read about Dylan’s past. Not only because of what was really going on, but reading about his isolation was heartbreaking. I was glad when she finally gave Brett the answers he had been looking for for years. Brett was understanding and patient with Dylan. Despite being new to the dad scene, he really took the time to do his research and make sure.

I really loved how Brett and Dylan tailored their dad/kid relationship to their needs. These types of relationships are what you make of them, not what everyone else expects them to be.

This was a super cute addition to the series and I can’t wait for the Archie story, but I’m really looking forward to Levi’s HEA.

Dylan upstaged Brett years ago and now constantly catching him at the bar/tavern he works at was a bit annoying. Brett just wants to know why it happened, but he’s afraid to ask and all he gets is weird looks or no looks at all from Dylan. But fate had other plans. When Dylan was chased down by a rude and aggressive customer, Brett immediately stepped in and gave the two a chance to talk.

What began as walks in the park with his dog, Brett, slowly became clear that he didn’t just want his friend back, he wanted more. Next up was Dylan with a sign looking for an understanding dad, but after spending time with Brett, he wanted it too.

When Brett found out that they might have found a dad for Dylan, he not only upset him, but made him accept the person that his friend had said he was a dad. If he wanted his chance, he had to reveal his feelings and what he did on his first official date, the rest is history. I’m really enjoying this series, these dads and kids are amazing! 😍😍😍

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