Download Unwrapping For The CEO [PDF] By Olivia T. Turner

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Unwrapping For The CEO book pdf download for free or read online, also Unwrapping For The CEO pdf was written by Olivia T. Turner.

BookUnwrapping For The CEOAuthorOlivia T. TurnerLanguageEnglishSize699 KBPages83CategoryNovel

Unwrapping For The CEO Book PDF download for free

Working remotely has its advantages.
I can wear my Christmas pajamas and listen to Christmas music all day.
I can also calmly fall in love with my gorgeous boss, zoom in on him while hiding behind my “broken” camera.
I’ve been in love with Mr. King for months.
Yes, he’s older and more experienced than me, but that doesn’t matter.

Anyway, it’s all just a fantasy in my head.
Until I make attendance at the office Christmas party compulsory.
I find the perfect dress and like a Christmas miracle, it works like magic.

Catch his domineering, possessive eyes.
Now my obsessed boss just wants me for Christmas…
In his bedroom…
Unwrapped as a gift.

With all this talk, Mr. King gets put on the cheeky list if he’s not careful. He’s a possessive alpha who always gets what he wants, and what he wants is his shy, inexperienced employee on her knees with a candy cane in her mouth.

SAFE, no cheats and a magical Christmas HEA that will have you wishing every day was Christmas!
Enjoy and have a safe and happy vacation!

Unwrapping For The CEO Pdf Download

Colleen works for King Tech. She works remotely. Colleen loves Christmas and has two Christmas trees and lots of Christmas decorations in her small apartment. Whenever there is a Zoom meeting, it pretends that its camera is broken so that only a black square appears.

Colleen has been with King Tech for ten months and has a crush on the CEO. Marshall is the CEO of King Tech and will be attending today’s meeting. Once Marshall’s face appears, Colleen takes a screenshot and then turns off the mic so she can fantasize about Marshall.

Colleen is a virgin and would love Marshall to take care of it. Marshall gets excited when he hears Colleen’s voice and wants to see what she looks like. This will be the first time he has had a live Christmas party in a few years. It makes participation compulsory for everyone.

Colleen gets help from her neighbor to dress, do her hair and make up. The dress shows a little more skin than Colleen likes, but if it helps her get Marshall, she’ll wear it. Colleen has a hard time getting into the party because no one knows who she is.

When Marshall arrives at the party, he’s looking for someone who could be Colleen. He finds her at the bar. Marshall tells Colleen that they are soul mates. That she’s all he needs now. At the party, they spend as much time together as possible. When it’s time for Colleen to catch the last bus home, Marshall demands that she take her home. The chemistry is off the charts. Will Marshall find his soul mate in Colleen? Will Colleen lose her virginity to Marshall? Will Marshall and Colleen find love and happiness?

For me, the holidays are my time to read the best romance novels in hard-to-believe situations. Olivia definitely delivers on this one.
Colleen is a shy single woman obsessed with Christmas and a certain CEO. She is madly in love with Marshall King, the owner of the company she is currently working for. Colleen has a folder of screenshots she took of her handsome CEO at Zoom meetings. She fantasized and dreamed of growing up with him. It’s bad for her.

What was really interesting to me was that Marshall had a crush on her too. Well I was really mesmerized by her voice because Colleen was just a black box in Zoom meetings because she never turned on her camera. Hearing her voice made his imagination fly.
They finally meet at the company Christmas party and both dreams come true. But why should I provide details? Go and read this. If you like Hallmark Holiday movies but wish they had flavor, this is for you.

I’ve read Unwrapping For The CEO twice already. Does that tell you how much I love him? Not sure if it’s because it gets me in the Christmas spirit, but this is now my favorite Olivia T. Turners book. The story of the home office, zoom meetings, being forced to work, and the Christmas party hit me hard. It seemed like it really could be a true story.

Now, as Colleen and Marshall first meet at the party, sparks fly and my Kindle starts vibrating. When the party is over and they go together, the tickling turns into an all-out fire. AND I AM HERE FOR THAT! I love it, I recommend it and I will read it again and again until the new year.

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