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Theirs book pdf download for free or read online, also Theirs pdf was written by T.O. Smith.

BookTheirsAuthorT.O. SmithLanguageEnglishSize2 MBPages387CategoryNovels

Theirs Book PDF download for free

I lived and breathed dancing. Without her, I was a shell, a young woman’s mess with no outlet for the pain and torment that resided within me.
But everything changed when I met him.

We were toxic. God only knew why we loved each other so much.

He was part of my downfall.

Theirs Book Pdf Download

But them together?
you will be my savior

Because I am Julián’s goddess and Axel’s fighter.
I’m bleeding brown and blue.

My name is Meghan Fallows.
And that is my painful but beautifully tragic story.

Trigger Alerts: Anxiety, FMC crying a lot, 2 men sharing a woman, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, Rape, Psychiatric Patient, Substance Abuse, Self Harm, Panic Attacks, Depression, Miscarriage, Social Media Bullying, Pregnancy, Female regaining control over her body through sex, postpartum psychosis

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