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The Wonder book pdf download for free or read online, also The Wonder pdf was written by Emma Donoghue.

BookThe WonderAuthorEmma DonoghueLanguageEnglishSize1 MBPages320CategoryNovels

The Wonder Book PDF download for free

Tourists flock to the cottage of 11-year-old Anna O’Donnell, who believes she is living off the manna of heaven, and a journalist is sent to cover the sensation. Lib Wright, a veteran of Florence Nightingale’s Crimean campaign, is hired to keep an eye on the girl.

Written with all the driving suspense that made Room a bestseller, The Wonder works beautifully on many levels: a tale of two strangers who change each other’s lives, a powerful psychological thriller, and a love story against evil.

The Wonder Book Pdf Download

Imagine reading a news report about a child living alone in the water. For four months. Great? credible? Suspicious? Trained by Florence Nightengale, Lib Wright treated patients during the Crimean War. They are said to travel to Ireland and observe an 11-year-old girl who claims she hasn’t eaten in four months. City officials are concerned about the girl’s allegation and want to investigate before she gets embarrassed. They hire Lib and a nun with nursing experience. Both women should exchange information if they see Anna during the 24-hour observation and do not speak to each other to compare the results.

Lib has a much stricter view of nursing and comes into conflict with family hygiene, food, and the constant visitation of visitors. Nurse Michael seems unimpressed by the situation and watches Anna calmly. Neither woman should compare their notes, but Lib is sure her training will help her spot the deception quickly. How could Anna be alive after four months without food? Where do you get your nutrition from? Nurse Michael is helping with this charade?

Despite her best intentions, Lib takes care of the child Anna. Lib fears that Anna will not survive much longer. Against her education, she works to find someone to help her. You can no longer watch a starving child. who helps her Will Lib find out if this is a scam or not? Anna is deeply religious. Does her strong faith affect her condition in any way?

Two very damaged souls meet and learn to appreciate each other. Their friendship helps them heal. This story resembles a gothic thriller, in which the basic suspense is getting stronger and stronger. Anna’s parents seem affectionate and affectionate. How far will you really go for your son? The characters are imaginatively drawn and the tension is palpable. Step out of this century and into this unusual story.

This book is really a pleasure to read on many levels. The story is engaging and interesting and the writing style is very good. The novel not only contains a disturbing mystery, but also raises questions about medical ethics and morals. A good book is thought-provoking and I think about that for a few days after I’ve finished it.

The story takes place in southern Ireland in 1859 over a period of two weeks. Lib is a widow who became a nurse for a year after her husband died. She was a Florence-trained Nightingale and worked in a hospital in England after the Crimean War. Her matron suggested that Lib travel to Ireland to breastfeed at the O’Donnell Home for two weeks.

She agrees, but nothing is as expected. Lib was hired by a committee of townspeople to “guard” 11-year-old Anna O’Donnell for two weeks. The boy has not eaten for 4 months and the committee wants to know if this is a scam or divine intervention as the family is claiming. The girl reports that she receives manna from heaven. People come from near and far to see the pious prodigy. Lib and a local nun take turns just watching if the boy eats anything.

Out of place in Catholic Ireland, Lib is convinced it’s all a ruse. She firmly believes in facts and science and has nothing but contempt for religion. As they spend time with Anna, an unlikely friendship develops. Lib is still very skeptical about the family and some of the town’s residents. She befriends a newspaper reporter who was sent there to cover the story.

Together they discover the terrible truth. As Anna’s health deteriorates, Lib asks the local doctor and committee to end the surveillance time and intervene. He soon discovers that each has their own agenda, including building the local church when Anna is canonized. Lib knows she must act quickly, but is torn between duty and love.

This novel has so many beautiful layers. The characters have hidden secrets, some of which are pretty scary. It is frightening to know how far people will go to further their own desires. Far enough to endanger a girl’s life and convince her that she is doing the right thing by starving herself. There are issues of guilt, family loyalty, the goodness and dangers of religion, misperceptions and assumptions, and medical and moral ethics. The story is a slow burn that leads to some surprising conclusions. The book is heavy from the hand to lay and it’s worth it.

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