Download The Watcher [PDF] By Melanie Moreland

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The Watcher book pdf download for free or read online, also The Watcher pdf was written by Melanie Moreland.

BookThe WatcherAuthorMelanie MorelandLanguageEnglishSize386 KBPages360CategoryNovels

The Watcher Book PDF download for free

When the men of Hidden Justice (and Elite Security) go down, they go down hard. If you’re familiar with the Men of Hidden Justice series, you’ll know that these guys go above and beyond when it comes to the women they love, even to the point where they walk away from the lives they once led.

Now, while each book ends where its predecessors are with each pair, Melanie Moreland mixes it up for each book. Damien and Raven’s intense mutual attraction and devotion is palpable, and the villain was truly impressive, perhaps the greatest compared to those who came before him.

The Watcher Book Pdf Download

The Watcher is the fourth book in Melanie Moreland’s Men of Hidden Justice series. I loved this series from the beginning, but ladies and gentlemen, I think I have a new favorite. I am really in love with Damien and Raven.

Damien DeSalvo is known to his team as The Watcher. Because that’s what he’s doing, he’s watching. He runs Elite Security and is also behind the scenes at Hidden Justice. His talent lies in technology. He can hack almost anything. He protects teammates from him by covering his tracks online. But no matter how trained he was, nothing could have prepared him for the woman who came through the door of the bar where he was sitting that night and threw himself into her arms. He knew immediately that she belonged here and from that moment on she was his.

Raven Bailey is a school teacher and she loves her job, she loves every child. But she also craves company. So she tried an online dating site that led to both the worst she’s ever dealt with and the best, Damien.

Damien never understood what his friends and ex-bosses meant when they talked about how he felt when they met the women they now love, it was like lightning. He understands now. He will do anything to protect Raven. But the man he seeks is like a ghost. She can’t find any trace of him anywhere. Which makes him even more determined. He’ll just have to keep Raven close to her while she’s in danger. And if he gets away with it, even after the danger has passed.

I have a lot to say about these two, but there is not enough space. Damien is all alpha and protective and possessive, which I love. But he’s also very sweet, caring, loving, funny, and also just wonderful. He seemed easier to identify with than any of the heroes from the previous book. He was very completely open with Raven after watching and learning from her friends and the mistakes they made with her wives. And Raven was so strong but also soft and loving and also rebellious! I loved that he listened to Damien and followed his advice.

We also meet another of Damien’s teammates, Egan. And I’m already in love with him. She made me smile so much! I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. It was both sweet and sexy, romantic and very exciting. I practically lived in this world from page one to the end. Many thanks to Melanie Moreland for another wonderful addition to this series. I adore Damien and Raven.

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