Download The Temporary Wife [PDF] By Catharina Maura

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The Temporary Wife book pdf download for free or read online, also The Temporary Wife pdf was written by Catharina Maura.

BookThe Temporary WifeAuthorCatharina MauraLanguageEnglishSize1.1 MBPages404CategoryNovels

The Temporary Wife Book PDF download for free

This book definitely ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for some angst, steam and love that might break you temporarily! Valentina is the successful executive secretary of Luca’s CEO. They have a kind of love-hate relationship that tends toward hate at first.

It’s only when Luca gets engaged through an arranged marriage and Val needs help caring for her grandmother that the two come to an agreement… They’ve been married for three years while the grandmother gets the attention she deserves and needs while remaining faithful… and then go their separate ways.

The Temporary Wife Pdf Download

This is of course easier said than done and it is difficult to prevent feelings or insecurities from arising. That synopsis doesn’t even really sum up how beautiful this story is. Playing with two characters previously burned by others and that lack of confidence, he has moments of depression and finds his way out, breaking old cycles and just learning to embrace love and take that awful leap.

Luca becomes a triumphant hero whose love is greater than anything and it was a joy to cheer him on. He is possessive and jealous but he takes care of his wife in the best way. Val gets slightly stronger at work and begins to fight for herself outside of it as she navigates all of her big feelings and obstacles. I loved her role in the finale, watching her find her best self. Together they made a beautiful story that I happily devoured and really look forward to the next release!

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