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The Royal Trials book pdf download for free or read online, also The Royal Trials pdf was written by Tate James.

Tate James is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and suspenseful romance, with occasional forays into fantasy, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy. She was born and raised in Aotearoa, New Zealand, but now lives in Australia with her husband and her adorable crotch.

BookThe Royal TrialsAuthorTate JamesLanguageEnglishSize1.3 MBPages330CategoryNovel

The Royal Trials Book PDF download for free

IMPOSTER is book ONE of THREE in a self-contained reverse harem fantasy series.

Three attempts. Three weeks. Three royal princes.

It should have been an easy task for an experienced mercenary like Rybet Orphan. He alone breaks into the royal palace and rescues his friend from the hangman’s block. But when Rybet accidentally qualifies for the tests, he has no choice but to go through them.

A thin veil of etiquette, elegance and glamor hides the true nature of the evidence. They act brutally and bloodily behind closed doors, and failure means losing your life.

Thrust into the spotlight and forced to compete with the darlings of the kingdom’s elite, unlikely allies emerge and connections are made. But someone will stop at nothing to see them fail.

After all, she is nothing more than a dirty pond dweller.

Rybet will do anything to survive the Ballon d’Or, princes be damned.

The Royal Trials Book Pdf Download

Rybet, an orphan with an unknown past and a trained thief, finds himself embroiled in the deadly and high-stakes royal trials when a rescue mission goes awry. Before he knows it, he’s wearing dresses in seemingly endless layers, and his life may LITERALLY depend on the (admittedly poor) quality of his bowing.

Not only that, but if she does win the trials (and who wouldn’t want to survive that?), her fate will be sealed for one of the princes as future queen.

Needless to say, Rybet is having a horrible month.

I’m in love. Rybet. Her honesty, strength and compassion are such shining lights amidst the devious and superficial conspiracy that surrounds her during the trials. She has a mix of zero limits and the occasional foot and mouth disease that really made me laugh/huff out loud; honestly, she’s adorable. She is forced to pass herself off as a decent lady, but being “undercover” doesn’t take away from who she really is. I enjoyed that Tate let Rybet shine no matter what name she was called by.

Well, these men. I guess I haven’t decided on a favorite yet for two reasons: first, #why to choose, but most importantly, there is something amazing and attractive about each of them.

Zan, Lee and Ty are this super attractive triad of instructors that Rybet is instantly attracted to. Each of the men has a different affinity/specialty and it is their job to set up potential queens for elimination attempts based on each skill. Zan, the master of politics and culture, is the most distant. He can be hot and cold and Rybet wonders if he feels the same attraction as her.

Lee is thoughtful, softer-spoken, and initially appears to be the romantic of the group. There’s something quietly charming about him somehow; You are attracted to him before you can explain why. Lee is the expert on botany: poisons, medicines, and alchemical compounds.

Ty is the flirtatious, physical and wild wrestling instructor. Like Lee, she is easy to like. He makes an effort to connect with Rybet and I have a feeling he quickly realizes that something about her is not what it seems.

I WILL SHARE SPOILERS SO SERIOUSLY STOP READING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW. Well, here is my big conundrum with this book. I felt like a lot of the “mysteries” weren’t really mysteries, but I can’t figure out if that’s intentional or if it’s a quality issue with the storytelling. When we were first honored with this wonderfully attractive, kind, and intelligent botany teacher, I thought… Well, maybe the problem is that she gets involved with a harem of servants and becomes part of a rebellion.

It didn’t take me long to dispel that idea and realize that he really was one of the princes. I also feel that the lost princess angle is 5% mysterious; I’ll give a little room for error in case I COMPLETELY misread the clues, but let’s face it: Rybet IS that long princess, come on!

If you are looking for a book that constantly surprises you, 100% full of amazing revelations, this is not the book for you. I really can’t decide if this is a typing problem or if this was done on purpose. To be honest, I’m not sure I care. While I feel like I saw/can see the twists from a mile away, the characters are still groping in the dark, and she’s fleshed out her story well enough that it’s not entirely ridiculous to think she’s keeping these mysteries without solve.

Tate concocted this funny, entertaining, and suspenseful story with a little bit of death, a lot of conspiracy, and just enough flirtation to keep me hooked. I enjoyed The Imposter and the lack of mystery doesn’t bother me because Tate beat me to the rest of the narrative.

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