Download The Monster’s Wife [PDF] By Jillian West

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The Monster’s Wife Book pdf download for free or read online, also The Monster’s Wife pdf was written by Jillian West.

BookThe Monster’s WifeAuthorJillian WestLanguageEnglishSize1.45 MBPages326CategoryNovels

The Monster’s Wife Book PDF download for free

The Monster’s Wife Book PDF download for free

The picturesque town of Haven may offer sanctuary for all, but the irony is getting harder to miss: monsters are vanishing.

Aline knows better than to meddle. The runaway Princess of Faere learned the hard way what happens when others see what her magic can do.

No, it’s far better to focus on her own problems like running The Monster’s Den and staying off the paranormal council’s radar.

The Monster’s Wife Pdf Download

Tragedy strikes Haven as things are finally starting to come together for the lonely fae, and Aline has no choice but to intervene.

The blows keep coming when the paranormal council initiates a full-scale inquiry into why monsters vanish from Haven.

It seems her house of cards is about to tumble.

Can she trust the ghosts of her past and the unhinged monsters desperate to be a part of her future to help keep her safe?

Will they even want to when they see what she’s capable of?

This is book is set in the same world as The Monster’s Den. It’s an interconnected standalone that features a new female main character, but it was designed so that you can jump in here if you prefer.

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