Download The Mob’s Secret Twins [PDF] By Aria Ray

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The Mob’s Secret Twins Book pdf download for free or read online, also The Mob’s Secret Twins pdf was written by Aria Ray.

BookThe Mob’s Secret Twins AuthorAria RayLanguageEnglishSize977 KBPagesCategoryNovels

The Mob’s Secret Twins Book PDF download for free

The Mob’s Secret Twins Book PDF download for free

Hooking up with a drop-dead gorgeous stranger at the bar? Wrong choice.

Discovering afterward that I spent the night with a perilous killer? Utterly disastrous.

Concealing the fact that I am carrying the twins of a Russian Mob boss? Puts my life in grave danger.

Nothing went as planned that night. The guy I was supposed to meet for drinks bailed on me.
But then, like a force of fate, Nicholas Travosky entered the scene with a magnetism that could set the world on fire.

The Mob’s Secret Twins Pdf Download

Little did I know that beneath his alluring exterior, there lurked a hidden darkness.

Our encounter was a whirlwind of laughter, fine dining, and champagne that sparkled like stars in the sky.
But when morning came, and I stumbled upon a gun, it hit me like a thunderbolt – I didn’t really know him at all.

Without a word, I vanished from his life, and we haven’t crossed paths since.

Now, years later, my coffee shop is on the line, entangled in a mafia war.

With no other option, I turn to the only person I know who can save my business – Nicolas.

But what happens when he unexpectedly walks into my coffee shop and comes face to face with the two precious secrets we share?

“The Mob’s Secret Twins” is a suspenseful bad boy Russian mafia romance novel from authors Aria Ray and Sarina Hart.
It is a standalone story with a happy ending and no cliffhangers.

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