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The Maze book pdf download for free or read online, also The Maze pdf was written by Catherine Coulter.

BookThe MazeAuthorCatherine CoulterLanguageEnglishSize1.2 MBPages334CategoryNovels

The Maze Book PDF download for free

As head of the FBI’s Criminal Apprehension Unit, Dillon Savich developed predictive analog programs to help apprehend serial killers. Enter Lacey Sherlock, a highly rated new agent who seems bright, eager and on the rise. But is she really?

When a heinous murder occurs in Boston, she storms out and lies to Savich. As Savich finds out what’s going on, he realizes that if he and Sherlock don’t find out who murdered his sister seven years earlier, everyone will be in big trouble, maybe even the victims themselves…

The Maze Book Pdf Download

Wow, I’m glad to have CATHERINE COULTER and her second book in THE F.B.I. Series” entitled THE MAZE. There are now 20 books in this series. Ms. Coulter has written over 70 books, more than 60 of which have been New York Times Best Sellers. Quite an achievement.

Dillon Savich is a special agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) newly formed Criminal Apprehension Unit (CAU). Agent Lacey Sherlock, a recent graduate of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, is assigned to your unit. One of the reasons is that Lacey (known to all as “Sherlock”) had beaten Savich in a training exercise that was a one-off coincidence.

Almost immediately, Sherlock and Savich fly to Chicago to complete their first serial murder case. Upon returning to FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, Sherlock begins his own investigation into the death of his sister Belinda in a serial murder seven years ago in San Francisco, California. This killer became known as “The Stringkiller” for his method of luring young married women into his “maze” of punishment and death.

Along the way, Sherlock is disloyal to his boss, his life is threatened on a few occasions, he falls in love and solves the mystery of his sister’s murder and the murder of the 7 other women’s by the same serial killer. It’s about a dysfunctional family with a father who is a judge, a mother who may or may not be a lusty, crazy ex-brother-in-law. Sherlock also has to deal with another FBI agent who is jealous of Sherlock’s new role. Ah, the sweet delight of Office Politics. The case takes the team from the Washington, DC to the Boston and Massachusetts to the San Francisco.

I can’t wait to read more of Mrs. Coulter’s books. The story is well developed with many surprises. Sex and violence are the graphic, but these scenes are quite few and far between. Since this is book 2 and because of the way the story is written, I suggest reading the books in order from 1 to 20.

The Maze, number two in Catherine Coulter’s FBI thriller series, is a powerful thriller that’s packed to the brim with everything it takes to satisfy that “itch” you get for a really good crime/thriller, and in its royal form, Catherine adds her special touch : a hot romance! What could be better for those of us who love this genre?

Lacey Sherlock, trainee FBI agent, never thought she would become an FBI agent. One day 7 years ago fate changed everything: everything for her sister Belinda and everything for Lacey Sherlock. She is still plagued by nightmares from that awful day. That day her sister Belinda was found in an abandoned warehouse, brutally murdered by the “String Serial Killer”.

Now Lacey Sherlock has crossed paths with legendary FBI agent Dillon Savich of the Criminal Apprehension Unit in a drill to catch a bank robber. “Sherlock”, as they all affectionately call her, is surprised when Dillon asks her to assign her to the CAU area. Dillon is the teacher who developed the programs to predict criminal behavior and help catch criminals. Law enforcement agencies in the US call your team when they need the expertise.

Now Sherlock might get a second chance to catch the illusory “Rope Serial Killer” as he couldn’t stand being in the “Profiler Unit” due to the emotional mud that drives a profiler into an abyss of depression.

This second chance comes in a very beautiful, enticing package: FBI Special Agent Dillon Savich, but she doesn’t ever get distracted, she has the tools she needs to catch the the illusory “serial killer on the strings”. The monster!

Buckle up for the thrill of a ride!

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