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The Lie book pdf download for free or read online, also The Lie pdf was written by Belle Harper.

BookThe LieAuthorBelle HarperLanguageEnglishSize772 KBPages234CategoryNovels

The Lie Book PDF download for free

Turn up the heat. Hunter’s “class clown” personality who is willing to give anything to the girl he loves, even if he includes other men. And sweet Roman who wants to save Mila from the mess her father got him into.

He doesn’t like to be touched, but he slowly breaks down her walls for her. Jace made a mistake, but he corrects his mistakes one by one. I’m so excited to see what happens next! In love with all these characters.

The Lie Book Pdf Download

I won’t lie, I devoured this book. Fortunately, it basically picks up where The Pact left off. I’m going to say that I may or may not be mad at Mrs. Harper right now. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for volume three.

I still like Mila in this book. She definitely still made me break sometimes. And she loved seeing her relationship with Hunter and even with Roman grow.

As I just mentioned, I’ve loved watching Mila’s relationship grow with her children. She now she expected more from Jace, some crawling or something, something more. He only made me angrier in this book, and I feel like Mila let him off the hook too easily. At this point, Asher, Walker, Grady, heck, even Emerson would be much better choices for Mila’s harem.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book and will be waiting patiently or not so patiently for the third book.

I loved reading this and was not disappointed! I’m also starting to wonder if a fourth person will be added to Mila’s harem. I won’t lie, if it happens and I think about any of those things, then I’m fine with it. I like both. Hell, she could add them both and she’d be fine. Although I know this would be considered taboo in the real world. This is the world of books and really everything is allowed! I can’t wait until December!

The Lie is book two of Rebels of Ridgecrest High. I love the story and the characters. Is it wrong to fall in love with 3 other guys and am I secretly (added with fingers crossed) shameless? But it’s actually a sweet story between friends and an attitude why choose.

I have been obsessed with this series since I opened the first page! This author may have ruined all other books for me. The flow of words and thoughts mixed with passion or emotion is impeccable. I really love the story and my only regret is that now I have to put something in order for each character to fill the time until December when the next book comes out, knowing that I won’t be satisfied with anything in between.

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