Download The Gods Of Guilt [PDF] By Michael Connelly

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The Gods Of Guilt book pdf download for free or read online, also The Gods Of Guilt pdf was written by Michael Connelly.

BookThe Gods Of GuiltAuthorMichael ConnellyLanguageEnglishSize1.7 MBPages401CategoryNovels

The Gods Of Guilt Book PDF download for free

Defense attorney Mickey Haller is forced to bend the law to break it when he’s hired to defend a man accused of killing a prostitute in the courtroom in this “best yet” thriller. (The Washington Post) . Mickey Haller receives the text “Call me ASAP-187” and the California penal code for murder immediately catches his eye. Homicide cases have the highest stakes and the biggest paydays, and they always mean Haller has to be on top of his game.

When Mickey learns that the victim was his own former client, a prostitute he thought he’d rescued and turned on the right track, he knows she’s on the hook for this. He soon discovers that she was back in Los Angeles and back in life. Far from saving her, Mickey may even have been the one who put her in danger.

The Gods Of Guilt Book Pdf Download

Michael Connelly has never practiced law in his life, but his fiction comes as close as any other legal thriller writer to the grim reality of private law practice. His Mickey Haller series never ceases to amaze me. I constantly find myself underlining phrases throughout the book that accurately capture the sense of creative chaos and desperation that defines the life of a criminal defense attorney. Still, he takes great liberties with the law, and if Haller really did practice, he would soon find himself in a heated war with the bar ethics cops.

The Gods of Guilt opens with an ethical ploy with a fake blood capsule that is hilarious and serves to illustrate just how far Haller will go to make the right kind of record. But I found myself really shaking my head; no lawyer would ever do that, I thought.

But Clarence Darrow has engaged in exactly this kind of nonsense. His apparent bribery of a jury in the McNamara case related to the Los Angeles Times bombing nearly landed him in prison. And new evidence suggests that Darrow may have manipulated an appeals court file on behalf of Italian anarchists in Milwaukee. Haller somehow seems unfazed by the purposes used to achieve the desired results, much like Darrow was.

Or is it him?

The gods of guilt are ambiguous: the term refers not only to the jury that evaluates the parties in the trial, but also to the sources of conscience that operate within each of us. Each of us serves or seeks to appease our own gods.

I kept thinking about Scott Turow while reading Connelly. Turow, a lawyer, draws very complex characters in his legal fiction. I wonder what Turow would think of Haller. I wonder if Turow can imagine a character like Haller, a street lawyer who makes his living by extracting fees from ordinary chaos.

Connelly’s latest book, like all of his work, is an entertaining read. The plot of it may not move at the breakneck pace of a John Grisham novel, but it has enough twists, turns, and surprises to keep you hooked and guessing until the very end. Haller moves through the process and the action almost nonchalantly, an observer concerned less with what the law is doing to him and more with what he and it can do to others.

But the issue of blame keeps coming up. Haller failed in love and fatherhood. He looks for salvation in the law. But the means he uses cast a more subtle condemnation. At the end of the novel, Haller gets some rest, but doesn’t take a real look at the bars of the cage he calls home. As in so many legal thrillers, he is saved from ruin for a hefty fee: the all too common deus ex machina of legal fiction.

I love Michael Connelly and also I know Mickey Haller. But both still live charmed lives. The practice of criminal justice is far more harrowing than Connelly reveals. I left The Gods of Guilt with a feeling of sadness. I know Haller will be back in a year or two. He will be broke again. He will still resent his failed marriages and his tenuous relationship with his daughter. Then he is stopped by someone without enough money. He will fight, almost miss, and then have incredible success through cunning as he regroups between rounds and enjoys a lucky strike reward.

Haller’s life is much simpler than the lives of the lawyers I know. As realistic as Haller’s portrayal of Connelly is, Connelly still sees the law through rose-colored glasses. He may have to if his books are going to sell. But I suspect Haller is dying to break out of the formula he’s fallen into. Perhaps he will appear more nuanced in the next novel Connelly writes.

I am a true fan, waiting for the next episode and waiting for more.

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