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The Gilded Ones book pdf download for free or read online, also The Gilded Ones pdf was written by Namina Forna.

Namina Forna is a Los Angeles-based young adult writer and author of the epic young adult novel The Gilded Ones. Originally from the Sierra Leone, West Africa, she moved to US when she was just nine and has been traveling back and forth ever since.

BookThe Gilded OnesAuthorNamina FornaLanguageEnglishSize1.7 MBPages422CategoryNovel

The Gilded Ones Book PDF download for free

Sixteen-year-old Deka lives in fear and anticipation of the blood ceremony that will determine whether she becomes a member of her people. Deka is already different from everyone else with his unnatural intuition and prays for red blood so he can finally feel like he belongs.

But on the day of the ceremony, her blood turns gold, the color of impurity, and Deka knows she faces a worse consequence than death.

Then a mysterious woman gives him a choice: stay in the village and accept his fate, or go and fight for the emperor in an army of girls like her. They are called Alaki, almost immortal with rare gifts. And they are the only ones who can really stop the Empire’s greatest threat.

Deka knows the dangers ahead, but craves acceptance and decides to leave the only life she has ever known. But when he travels to the capital to train for the greatest battle of his life, he discovers that the great walled city holds many surprises. Nothing and no one is what it seems, not even Deka herself.

The Gilded Ones Book Pdf Download

The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna is an original fantasy novel with rich world-building and the classic hero’s journey. Deka von Irfut is ready to undergo her coming-of-age “purity ritual” to find out if she has pure blood (red blood) or golden blood, the blood of women said to be descended from demons.

Deka is quickly and forthrightly snapped from her quiet life of religious conformity when she suffers a traumatic, life-altering event that sends her on a journey to become an Alaki, or one of the Emperor’s elite soldier unit tasked with to kill all death screams (like demons). Creatures attacking Otera’s empire.)

During her tough and brutal training, Deka forms deep bonds with women who have also bled “unclean.” In addition to becoming a deadly warrior, Deka discovers dark supernatural abilities within herself: the ability to use “the Voice” (think Dune) to control death screams. Not only that, he can sense when creatures are nearby and enter a trance-like combat state that grants him exceptional focus. Perhaps the most unsettling thing about being an alaki is being almost immortal.

Deka brutally discovers how many gruesome and disturbing ways she can “die” without dying (these are called near-deaths for Alaki, while all Alaki can also have a true death). Instead, Alaki enters a healing “golden sleep”. this can take weeks to repair your body. But Deka differs from other Alaki in that practically all brutal attempts (dismemberment, fire…) will not kill her.

For YA, The Gilded Ones is very dark and violent (which doesn’t bother me as long as it relates to the story and character development, which it did). The world of Otera de Namina Forna is fully realized with different cultures. , legends, belief systems and creatures. While it follows the classic hero’s journey from other ALREADY “chosen” novels (Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc.), the story itself is very original, creative, and sets itself apart by going into those dark places. Furthermore, The Gilded Ones very heavily weaves into its story the dynamics of racism and sexism in the context of empire and its religious framework.

My only criticism is that the supporting characters (with the possible exception of Britta) were many, meaning they were two-dimensional at best. Sometimes he confused people because he hadn’t given much information about them before, other than superficial details of hair/eye/skin color.

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