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The Fire Of Vengeance book pdf download for free or read online, also The Fire Of Vengeance pdf was written by Evan Winter.

BookThe Fire Of VengeanceAuthorEvan WinterLanguageEnglishSize2.8 MBPages529CategoryNovels

The Fire Of Vengeance Book PDF download for free

Desperate to delay the impending attack on the capital by the Xidda natives, Tau and his queen hatch a dangerous plan. If Tau is successful, the queen will have the time she needs to gather her forces and launch an all-out assault on her own capital, where her sister is supported as the “true” queen of the Omehi.

If the city can be taken, if Tsiora can reclaim the throne from it, and if she can rally the people from it, then the Omehi have a chance of surviving the attack.

The Fire Of Vengeance Book Pdf Download

I finally picked up The Rage of Dragons earlier this month and was completely blown away by every aspect of the book. I was so The Fires of Vengeance that I immediately dove in and couldn’t put down another book in the series.

The Fires of Vengeance picks up right after The Rage of Dragons ends, as Tau begins her duties as Queen’s Champion. As in Rage, the action starts immediately and continues at a breakneck pace, which I loved. Tau’s revenge remains the central theme of this book, but this time it is about much more. Threats to Tau and his queen come from all sides, and he becomes such a character that he takes their cause as his own.

In addition to Tau’s continued character growth, he adored the supporting characters. Evan Winter does an amazing job of getting me interested in everyone in this book and even getting me to develop sympathy for the bad guys. I loved, I LOVED the relationship between Tau and Queen Tsiora as they learned (uncomfortably) to adjust to their new roles. Oh, and if anything happens to Hadith and Uduak, we’ll riot.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this second book in this series is that it further explores the mythology of the world. We learn more about Cull, the goddess, and much more about the demon world that Tau takes advantage of so much. There are more politics and more cultures, but I have never felt lost or overwhelmed.

Every time I pick up a second book, I worry that I’ll suffer from the dreaded in-between book syndrome (see: most second fantasy books YA), but that wasn’t the case at all. Nothing felt like padding or too stretchy. Everything that happened advanced the plot and the characters and I was not bored for a second.

My only problem is that The Fires of Vengeance ended as quickly as it did! I could have read another 500 pages of it without complaining. The worst thing about reading an ARC is having to wait even longer for the next book in the series to be published. I definitely see myself reading this again during this time. This series is definitely on my favorite shelf!

Book one was a tribute to rage, rage and suffering, book two brings pain to life. In both the books there is an underlying theme of the love. It is said that great artists’ best work is only achieved when they get in touch with the emotions that drive their best work. If so, then something about Evan Winters’ life drives his narrative, the books a symphony of his knowledge of emotional turmoil.

The power of the books is rooted in his emotions. Books are not exceptional, raw emotions are. Rage, rage, filled the plot and brought the book to life. The passion came from the emotion of it, from the author’s life experience, and it bleeds through every page.

As The Fires of Vengeance begins, it quickly becomes clear that pain becomes a motivator for Tau and her friends. Anger and love fade into the background behind the new driving thrill. Tau, Jabaris and the others make their way through the story. He sometimes displays different core emotions as the story progresses. The script is quite eloquent and also almost hypnotic at times. In fact, I regularly lost track of time when I became fascinated with worldbuilding again.

It is difficult to describe the book. The story covers only a short period of time. With a weaker author, I’d highlight how nothing major happens, some chases and fights, a little fight, a few others later, and yet nothing really happens. At the same time everything changes.

This book transitions in parts of the story from the heroic journey of an individual to the development of the heroic journey of a group. Fortunately, it continues to focus on the protagonist Tau. There is no editorial intervention like the one Anthony Ryan suffered after the Blood song. Anthony Ryan’s publisher forced other characters’ points of view and stories into his story in later books, ruining a great series. Evan Winters avoided editorial intervention, this is still the Tau story.

It’s really hard to explain the book without spoilers, so I won’t. The emotion is still as raw, brutal and painful as in the first book. That’s why people will love this.

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