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The Do Over book pdf download for free or read online, also The Do Over pdf was written by Lynn Painter.

BookThe Do OverAuthorLynn PainterLanguageEnglishSize2.1 MBPages301CategoryNovel

The Do Over Book PDF download for free

In The Do Over riotous young adult romp for fans of “Recommended for You” and “A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow,” a young girl experiences the worst Valentine’s Day of her life, only to experience it over and over again.

After surviving a dumpster fire on Valentine’s Day, Emilie Hornby flees to her grandmother’s house for comfort and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. She passes out on the couch, but when she wakes up, she’s back home in her own bed and it’s Valentine’s Day again. And the day after? Another nightmarish V-Day.

Emilie is stuck in a kind of time warp nightmare she can’t wake up from while she revisits her boyfriend Josh, who cheats on her day in and day out. Adding to Josh’s recurring infidelities is Emilie’s inability to escape the enigmatic Nick, whom she keeps encountering, sometimes literally, in unfortunate ways.

How many days can a girl passively watch as her life bursts into flames? And if anything good comes out of those awful days, what happens when the universe stops handing out replays?

The Do Over Pdf Download

Emilie believes that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself and even help fate. It’s Valentine’s Day and she’s finally going to tell her boyfriend that she loves him. However, on her way to school, she (literally) runs into Nick, her partner in the chemistry lab, which causes her to be late for school.

Later that day, one thing after another goes wrong, she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, she loses a scholarship, finds out her father is moving and she hasn’t even thought about her feelings. After all this he just wants to hide, eat ice cream and start over tomorrow. But tomorrow doesn’t come, she has to live through Valentine’s Day over and over again because she seems to be stuck in a kind of time warp.

Every day she wakes up she tries to make the day different, but every day no matter what she does, she meets Nick Stark. Every day he takes her to school and every day is less gloomy than the last. Although she thought she was heartbroken that her boyfriend cheated on her, maybe it would have been enough to open her eyes to what else is out there and not just check the boxes you think you ticked should be. So if she decides to throw caution to the wind and have a DONC (Day of No Consequence), she’s really taking a risk.

What does it matter when the tag resets anyway? Well the whole time I thought, ooooof what if it doesn’t restart and you’re left with the consequences.
This story is really about healing, standing up for what you want, opening your eyes to everything and growing. I absolutely LOVE Em and Nick. Every day you saw a little bit more of them interacting with each other and how attracted she was to him. When she kidnapped him for her DONC he opened up to her and we saw a different side of them both that really melted my heart.

Disclaimer: The Do Over is a high school romance novel. My ideal personal storybook romance is closer to Mako Mori and Raleigh Becket than anything that’s appeared in a John Hughes film. So The Do Over has always been a tough sell for me.

Instead of Mako and Raleigh having a stick fight, what does Lynn Painter have to offer us? Well we have times like this

“Until this day, I always thought winks were cheesy. Uri’s wink warmed me up and melted me.”

If it makes you squeal with delight, The Do Over is the book for you. (By the way, there is no character named Uri in the book. I use this name: _U_named _R_omantic _I_interest for Emilie’s potential romantic partners in this review to avoid spoilers.) The book is filled with moments where Emilie Hornby, our heroine and I -Narrator, developed feelings due to her interactions with the Uris. If a wink from a sexy guy is what keeps your boat floating, then you’ll love this book.

Personally, I’m more of a fan of the Jane Austen model, where a heroine in a novel experiences physical symptoms caused by a hot guy at most two or three times. The Do-Over strikes me as more like Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho, in which Emily, despite having the same name, swoons at everything that happens.

In my first version of this review, I had four paragraphs with things I didn’t like about the book. But after realizing that so much stacking is the opposite of useful, I’ll boil it down to this point: redo is completely predictable. It never surprises.

But this is a book that does what it’s supposed to do: chronicle the feelings hot guys evoke.

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