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The Deal Dilemma book pdf download for free or read online, also The Deal Dilemma pdf was written by Meagan Brandy.

BookThe Deal DilemmaAuthorMeagan BrandyLanguageEnglishSize2.3 MBPages504CategoryNovels

The Deal Dilemma Book PDF download for free

Crew Taylor is the picture of perfection if your type is gruff, grumpy and prone to punches. Clearly, he’s mine, otherwise I wouldn’t be begging him to bite the bullet and claim my virginity.

Sure, he’s a bit of a caveman, brooding, bossy, and very mischievous, but that’s the point.
She is experienced, her fiery hazel eyes promise sinful seduction skills and I want her to teach me everything she knows.

lesson by lesson.
Night for night.

The problem?

He says he won’t let me in his bed, but I wonder how much it would cost if he played a little in mine.

The Deal Dilemma Book Pdf Download

All the fear and longing! This book had tropes all over it which I love and it was OH so delicious! Brother’s best friend (or best friend formerly), quirky forbidden heroine and bad boy and a quest for cherries. The burn on this one is a little slower than what I’m used to from Meagan, for obvious reasons: the deal dilemma is all about the sexual tension, the build-up and the fear, the PUSH and the PULL. And my god, the tug of war was dynamic.

Cyclical and maybe even repetitive towards the end, but nonetheless compelling, Crew doesn’t give up easily, and the ongoing, simmering longing between them gives us time and space to really delve into their chemistry and history, and uncover the layers and nuances of his Longing, the depth of his feelings, and how impotent Bad Boy Crew is beneath his nonchalant bravado.

I really, really loved this couple – their relationship has so many layers and I just loved the dynamic of the attraction of opposites. There’s fear, there’s drama, but there’s also a lot of tenderness between them. The romantic part of this story is so cute, it’s gentle, adorable and OH SO SWOONY. And I loved both of our characters.

Davis is a unique and endearing Brandy heroine: she’s overtly vulnerable, honest, and endearingly serious. And it’s quirky and adorable, too: its frequent foot-in-mouth and lack of filters have had me laughing out loud more than once. But most of all I love her optimistic and gentle heart: she loves a lot, she loves openly and she loves compassionately, and I admired her kindness. While I don’t want to reveal too many plot elements, I liked her more for the way she behaved in some of the complications at the end.

Not only is it a fun surprise to see difficult obstacles thwarted with open and honest communication, it’s so refreshing, but I also love how loyal and mature she is in the face of real pain and also confusion. I just admired her. And crew: My God. He’s a classic brandy hero, and that’s what I’m here for. Seemingly aloof, alpha and arrogant, he’s just one big swoon among it all.

He is thoughtful, possessive, protective and loving. But he’s also a man of secrets. With every page I read, I fell more in love with him. It’s ridiculously delicious. I loved their friendship, how they support each other and STEAM! Gosh, I’m pretty sure this is Meagan Brandy’s most popular book.

Their relationship is definitely slower and we spend a lot of time in a static phase with Davis trying to come to terms and Crew resisting. I was a bit irritated by the pacing, mostly because I was dying to see these two compete. We also have some supporting characters that step in, and then in a subplot that I wasn’t expecting, it felt a little disproportionate to the rest of the story, a little rushed and too easy to solve.

But while the plot progression might not have been perfect, I really enjoyed the relationship: he’s the star and he loved her so much that they overshadowed any argument I had with the pacing. (and to be honest, Meagan’s stories often have a slower beginning and a faster ending, a tight crescendo that quickly expands at the end. But when the chemistry is right, the crescendo is worth what I felt here). The couple themselves shine brightly, and that’s the heart and soul of the story.

I love the more engaging and emotionally rich side of Meagan: the fear of first love, the tender connections, and the endearing characters!

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