Download The Dark Elf’s Secret Baby [PDF] By Celeste King

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The Dark Elf’s Secret Baby book pdf download for free or read online, also The Dark Elf’s Secret Baby pdf was written by Celeste King.

BookThe Dark Elf’s Secret BabyAuthorCeleste KingLanguageEnglishSize1.1 MBPages….CategoryNovel

The Dark Elf’s Secret Baby Book PDF download for free

In The Dark Elf’s Secret Baby Layla is a human woman who lives and also works in a mining community owned by Dark Elves. Life there is hard and people are looked down on. Layla really has a bright spot in her life. She has befriended Kerym, a Dark Elf soldier with benefits. They have a secret passionate affair. Layla knows that she is being rejected for dating a dark elf and Kerym knows that her parents would never approve of her relationship with a human.

It was meant to be a no-strings-attached, short-term love story, but they fell in love. The Dark Elves never stay long in the mining town, they move on to better posts elsewhere. Layla is sure that Kerym will request a transfer, and when she finds out that she is pregnant with her child, she is determined to give this baby a better life.

The Dark Elf’s Secret Baby Pdf Download

The medicine man arranges for her to be placed in a community that is more accepting of mixed relationships by lying about the proposition that she has tuberculosis. Layla leaves Kerym without saying a word and starts a new life with her next baby.
A few happy years on the island, she visits the new lieutenant of the dark elves. To her surprise, the lieutenant is Kerym. He found her and her son. He wants to have a life together, but Layla is afraid.

Kerym is the second son of a very important elven family. He has always felt a lot of pressure from his family to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and get an important position in the ministry. They also want to arrange the marriage of him in one of the best families. Kerym has done everything possible to please his family despite feeling like a poor second. He was never really happy until he met Layla. Being with her feels good.

He knows that he loves her, but her family would never accept her. It’s transfer time and he has to make a decision to request a transfer to please his family or follow his heart and stay with Layla. He follows her heart, but is shocked to discover that she has been transferred. He stays in the mining town and eventually becomes a lieutenant. He searches the records to find out where Layla went.

He takes months, but finally discovers that she was transferred from her because she had a disease that would end fatally within a year. He goes to the settlement and is shocked to discover that Layla is still alive and that she has given birth to her child. Now all he has to do is convince her that she’s serious about making them a family.

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