Download The Ashes And The Star Cursed King [PDF] By Carissa Broadbent

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The Ashes And The Star Cursed King Book pdf download for free or read online, also The Ashes And The Star Cursed King pdf was written by Carissa Broadbent.

BookThe Ashes And The Star Cursed KingAuthorCarissa BroadbentLanguageEnglishSize3.9 MBPages624CategoryNovels

The Ashes And The Star Cursed King Book PDF download for free

Download The Ashes And The Star Cursed King [PDF] By Carissa Broadbent

The Ashes And The Star Cursed King Pdf Download

Her talent for conjuring up dark, detailed fantasy worlds with well-written characters and unique, action-packed plots, while she balances it all with just the right amount of romance is all-star-worthy (no pun intended).
New lands were introduced along with additional characters and magical items. I was transported back to the vampire world of Obitrae, where Oraya’s search for answers about her family history and her secret network brought more questions and pain.

Her mistrust of Raihn as to his true personal and political motives added to the wonderfully anxious and dark mix.
With two points of view, Oraya and Raihn’s story was a joy to read, I even almost cried at times. Oraya’s character arc was powerful and showed just how badass she really was. I was expecting Raahn to drag against them a bit after his past mistakes and I was not disappointed!

The romantic tension between them also continued to simmer below the surface with a kind of sweet torture that was incorporated into some racy scenes. So it’s worth the wait!
Some of the backstories for the minor characters also provided insight into their actions and set up potential future storylines that I’m looking forward to.

This was fast paced with incredibly detailed brutal battle scenes that made my heart beat faster with every sword swing and bolt of magic. But what I loved most about Carissa’s writing here (and in all of her books) was the effortless way she weaved beautiful, vulnerable moments into the midst of all the chaos and turmoil, which made me feel EVERYTHING. .

The Ashes and the Star-Cursed King is a masterpiece of high fantasy romance. It was exciting, heartbreaking and captivating. Even better, it showcased Carissa Broadbent’s trademark of truly morally gray characters that were utterly compelling. The relationships between the characters, in all their complexity, were carefully studied and felt real.

The characters kept tearing at my heart, but I couldn’t help but come back for more. I don’t normally like vampires, but I do like the ones on this show.

I enjoyed this book. If you need inspiration reading it, I hope this inspires you enough to give Crowns of Nyaxia a try.

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