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The Address book pdf download for free or read online, also The Address pdf was written by Fiona Davis.

FIONA DAVIS is the New York Times bestselling author of six historical novels set in iconic New York buildings. She first came to New York as an actress, but she fell in love with writing after earning her master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School. Her books have been translated into more than a dozen languages and she lives in New York City.

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The Address Book PDF download for free

When a chance meeting with Theodore Camden, one of the architects behind the great New York apartment building The Dakota, leads to a job offer for Sara Smythe, his world is suddenly filled with opportunity – no easy task for a servant. in 1884. Opportunity to move to America. Chance to be Dakota’s female manager. And the chance to see more of Theo, who understands Sara like no other…and lives in Dakota with his wife and his three young children.

One hundred years later, Bailey Camden is desperate for new opportunities: Fresh out of rehab, the former interior designer is homeless, unemployed and penniless. Bailey’s grandfather was under the tutelage of famous architect Theodore Camden, but Bailey won’t see a dime of the Camden family’s vast estate; instead, her “cousin of hers” Melinda of hers, Camden’s biological great-granddaughter, will inherit almost everything.

When Melinda Bailey offers to oversee the renovation of her lavish apartment in Dakota, Bailey jumps at her chance, even though she doesn’t like Melinda’s vision. The renovation will take all the character out of the apartment where Theodore Camden himself lived…and where he died after being stabbed multiple times by a former Dakota employee who previously spent seven months in an insane asylum: a lunatic named Sara Smythe.

A century apart, Sara and Bailey are tempted and struggle against the golden excess of their respective eras: for Sara, the opulence of a world ruled by the Astors and the Vanderbilts; for the Bailey, free-flowing drinks and nightlife cocaine, and escape to the golden fortress of the Upper West Side. But a building with a history as rich and often tragic as the Dakotas can’t keep its secrets forever, and what Bailey discovers inside may be everything she thought she knew about Theodore Camden — and the woman who killed him — turned upside down. .

The Address Book PDF download for free

A double plot does not detract from the suspense of this novel. Bailey, a woman in her late thirties just out of rehab, is reeling when she is stumped by the mystery of what happened in the Dakota apartment building in Manhattan a hundred years ago. She’s an interior designer trying to get back on her feet by helping her rich “cousin of hers” Melinda renovate her apartment.

In reality, Bailey’s grandfather was under the guardianship of Melinda’s great-grandfather, Theodore Camden, who was the architect involved in the opening of the Dakota. Bailey stumbles across some old photos and a knife sheath that challenge everything she knows about her origins. The backstory is that of Sara Smythe, whose avoidance of a tragic accident catches the attention of Camden, who is staying at the London hotel where Sara works. He convinces her to come to New York to work at Dakota and the two soon become friends and confidants.

I liked the Sara vs. Baileys story at first, but Saras is getting a little weird. Bailey’s action also defies belief, but she is less naive than Sara, who seems hell-bent on repeating her mother’s mistakes. The writing style may not be great, but at least it doesn’t distract from the plot. Both female characters are fully fleshed out, but the plot, while not particularly realistic, caught my eye.

Also, I thought the author had a bit of a problem with both Theodore Camden and Melinda. They both seem kind and loving until they don’t anymore. Melinda, in particular, shows her true colors early on and seduces a vulnerable Bailey with drugs and alcohol.

Entertaining and well narrated. I’m inclined to think that the Dakota was a forerunner of the “condo concept” – not side by side, but more like those elite loft types that are usually built with lake views like Michigan, Superior, etc. and they are complete suites and views of the rooftops. I was able to understand the demolition and modernization of these beautiful apartments.

My grandmother and grandfather had a dairy farm and a house where they supported the family and farmhands in this huge kitchen. Also in the next room was a large dining room connected to the pantry off the kitchen that had an open buffet in the back that opened into the dining room. The dining room was used for special occasions, birthdays, etc.

It was enough for 50 people and included the kitchen. All of these rooms had carved mahogany woodwork. Then, Christmas, the big holy day, the whole dining room table was snow and caves and every possible Christmas character of people and animals you could imagine… then, without having finished looking, the doors to the living room opened.

You now entered through a carved wooden pocket (sliding doors in the walls) to a maroon velvet sofa, curtains, rug, and a beautiful piano with piano rolls that Red Wing played on, etc. I was 10 years old and had very good memories. It was a fantasy but real. Then, after the death of the grandparents, I was invited to visit this house that was renovated I cry when I remember.

Plastered walls, cracks in the walls where there were pocket sliding doors, no pantry, no woodwork. That’s how I felt about the remodel and renovation of the Dakota. I have never returned to this house turned home only to the original one that remains in my thoughts and wonderful memories….
I’m crying because I appreciate Dakota, then invited to Farmhouse, you love it, said new owner, all woodwork removed, pocket area covered in plaster

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