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Terrible Beauty book pdf download for free or read online, also Terrible Beauty pdf was written by Anna Zaires.

BookTerrible BeautyAuthorAnna ZairesLanguageEnglishSize760 KBPages286CategoryNovels

Terrible Beauty Book PDF download for free

A family contract. A dark bargain. There is no escape.

I met him eleven years ago. A year later I got engaged to him. He now he has come to claim me and kills anyone who gets in his way.

My husband-to-be is a monster from a family as ruthless and powerful as mine, a man involved in violence and destruction… a man who bears a frightening resemblance to my father. He has been following me and my life for over a decade.

I’m afraid of him. I hate him. The worst thing is that I love him.

My name is Alina Molotova and Alexei Leonov is a fate I cannot escape.

Terrible Beauty Book Pdf Download

Wow, I loved this first part of Alina and Alexei’s story, from the furious start, to the build of suspense and tension as we follow their story together, to the bombastic reveal at the end.

Alina is the sister of Nikolai Molotov, whose story was told in the duo Molotov Obsession. She appeared as a minor character and by the end of book 2 I found her more interesting than any of the main characters.

There seems to be at least the promise of a really dark love story, especially since Alina has offered hints that lead me to believe that she and Alexei have some sort of past (other than her father promising her a bond between the two families) and also that she is not indifferent to him…”

I am pleased to report that my expectations for Alina and Alexei’s story were not only fully met, but actually exceeded. Don’t worry if you haven’t read Chloe and Nikolai’s story; The events of this book are retold from Alina’s perspective, and we get even more details about what happened to Alina and Nikolai’s parents, as Alina, who was younger than her brother, had a front seat. queue (sort of) for what turned out to be severely traumatized not only by the violent death of her parents but also by all the things that came before.

The story begins at the moment when Alina offers to go with Alexei to save Chloe, Nikolai and her nephew Slava. After Nikolai learned that his one-night stand with Alexei’s late sister Ksenia had resulted in a boy and knew what kind of man the boy’s grandfather Boris was, Nikolai decided to kidnap his son and went set out to hide out in a remote piece of land in Idaho.

Alina decided to accompany him to avoid honoring her deal with Alexei. When Alexei and her men attack the compound to retrieve Slava, Alina steps forward to prevent a bloodbath and Alexei, longing for her, agrees to take her instead of Slava’s. she nephew of her…

Alina and Alexei’s story is told in two parallel timelines: Alina wakes up on a yacht in the middle of the ocean to find that Alexei drugged her to facilitate her kidnapping. As she slowly regains consciousness, she recalls her first meeting with Alexei when she was just fourteen years old (and he was nineteen), apparently a chance meeting.

But she later finds out that her parents made it up to forge a bond between her mafia families. Being too young, Alexei agrees not to make their engagement official until she is 18, but from then on he keeps an eye on her and Alina realizes that boys/men who dare to touch/kiss her tend to disappear without a trace.

never to be again She is seen again so after a while she is known as The Ice Queen as she never comes out either in high school or college as Alexei is always in the background like a threatening presence. Alina never wanted the commitment and she is trying her best to get out of the business, but at the same time she is reluctantly attracted to Alexei.

The question of what constitutes a good dark romance is quite controversial, even controversial. From a certain point of view, it could be argued that this story hardly qualifies as a dark romance, there are practically no triggers as such, and what happens between the two main characters hardly qualifies as dubcon (since the heroine ends up completely involved). is the physical side of your relationship).

Also, throughout his relationship, Alexei is very concerned about his needs while keeping his own desires in check and letting slip several occasions where he could have forced the issue. The pressure it exerts is primarily psychological, and the constant observation, albeit from a distance, contributes to the sense of inevitability that Alina experiences, despite moments of perceived freedom, at least to the extent that she was allowed to continue with her activities. studies. .

Through the structure of the narrative, with its dual timeline, we as readers feel the same sense of impending sadness that Alina experiences, that despite all she tries can only lead to one possible outcome, and that it is her under Bringing Absolute Control. by Alexej. And while she’s not as averse to the physical side of their relationship as she’d like, when Alexei reveals her plans for the future, it comes as a huge blow to Alina, as she fears that she and Alexei are walking the horrible pattern. of a toxic one that repeats a relationship that ended in such a tragedy for her parents…

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