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Sugar Plum book pdf download for free or read online, also Sugar Plum pdf was written by Jennifer Estep.

BookSugar PlumAuthorJennifer EstepLanguageEnglishSize4.9 MBPages193CategoryNovel

Sugar Plum Book PDF download for free


Most spies take a break during the holidays, but not me, Charlotte Locke. As an analyst for Section 47, a secret espionage organization, I normally use my magical form of synesthesia to uncover lies and track down criminals to-kill from the comfort of my cabin. But tonight I’m out in the country with my partner Desmond Percy, a mighty electroplater.

Instead of enjoying the Christmas season in the city, I’m in a German castle dressed as a toy soldier and disguised as a waitress at a fancy Christmas Eve party. my mission To collect information that will help Section 47 locate a dangerous enemy.

Despite the glitz and glamour, I can’t help but feel that something is wrong, and that Desmond and I may not make it out of the party alive.


My name is Desmond Percy, although I’ve had many aliases over the years of working as a Section 47 cleaner. But I never had a real life partner until Charlotte Locke.

My part of the mission is really simple: pretend to be a guest and also keep an eye on things at the party while Charlotte uses her synesthesia to track down the information we need. But what starts out as a sugar plum dream quickly turns into a Christmas nightmare.

Forget the mission. All I want for Christmas is to protect Charlotte.

Sugar Plum book is a 47,000 word book. It is book 2 in the Section 47 series, but can also be read as a standalone vacation adventure.

Sugar Plum Pdf Download

I always enjoy reading a Jennifer Estep book, especially when it’s a new series with a lot of the world still to discover. The Section 47 series is full of spies, assassins and magic, a combination that I really enjoy!

As you can tell from the title Sugar Plum Spies, this book is set during the Christmas season, so it’s just in time for the upcoming Christmas season! This book was a bit shorter, so it was a pretty quick read, and it’s actually mostly set on one night during a Christmas party, which I really enjoyed! It actually gave me Deadly Sting vibes because this book also takes place in one night and Gin basically foils a heist and sneaks around the museum killing people left and right.

And I really loved that Sugar Plum Spies thing because Deadly Sting is one of my favorite books in the Elemental Assassin series 😆 So since it was a shorter book and it took place in one night, it was a very engaging, fast-paced, and action packed. . Not that Jennifer’s other books are any less, I can always count on her for an action packed book, but this one was more and it was great!

The story was also interesting. Charlotte and Desmond are still trying to track down Henrika Hyde and some information has led them to this Christmas party. Unfortunately for both spy and assassin, things turned out to be a bit more deadly than expected. They uncovered a lot of interesting information…information that I wasn’t expecting, which I really appreciated because I love being surprised! And then the ending? Tell me more!

As I mentioned before, this book was packed with action! I love action books, and Desmond as the cleaner (aka Assassin) is absolutely brutal! He is great! (And he could probably rival Gin 😆) Jennifer writes amazing fight sequences and the ones in this book were no different! I love the way the characters get creative not only with the weapons and things around them, but also with their own magic. And hey, Charlotte might be more of a numbers girl, but she stands up for herself! go girl!

Another thing I loved was the characters. I already mentioned how tough Des is, but he also has that softer side that melts my heart 🖤 I love how sweet and protective he is to Charlotte, but not in a smothering way. And Charlotte is really smart and sassy and just a great leading lady to watch. The hostess of the party, Elsa, was also very fascinating and I wonder if we will see her again.

That was just GOOD. There is no other way to describe it. I love the magical looking spies in this series, the amazing action and characters and their hilarious banter. I especially love the romance between Des and Charlotte, it’s so cute!

And don’t even get me started on Des 😍 I’ll admit I tend to love all the male love interests Jennifer Estep writes (Logan damn Quinn from Mythos Academy – I adore him! Owen from Elemental Assassin – love him!), but Desmond in particular it’s as good as hell and I can’t get enough of it! 😆 And what’s a holiday read without its sweet moments… This one had some great ones, especially towards the end! It was simply the perfect holiday read and I can only recommend it!

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