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Steel book pdf download for free or read online, also Steel pdf was written by Anna Hackett.

BookSteelAuthorAnna HackettLanguageEnglishSize MBPages274CategoryPolitics

Steel Book PDF download for free

This handsome owner of Sentinel Security, a private security company and former CIA agent, finally has his affair with Devyn “Hellfire” Hayden, the current CIA agent of the highest caliber. And outside, it begins with a daring car rescue and the discovery that they’re on a villain’s kill list.

Just a Typical Day… If you love super strong and attractive characters, constant adventures with things exploding or bullets flying, slightly overdone but entertaining storyline, then this book is for you. Mrs. Hackett does not disappoint! I love how all of his books overlap and how many popular characters “appear” from other books. And if Killian and Devyn can stop their would-be killer and stay alive, they might have a shot at the perfect partnership and HEA.

Steel Pdf Download

Well, book started with a lot of action and also never slowed down! CIA Agent Devyn “Hellfire” Hayden is one of the CIA’s top undercover agents. When she is attacked by an assassin who targets secret agents, she sends Killian “Steel” Hawke straight for it, the only man who tempts her.

I loved this book! I’ve been waiting for Killian to find love since he was introduced and I’m so glad we didn’t have to wait until the end of this series to get her. Killian is a protector who cares for those he considers his property. However, with Devyn, she realizes that this is the first time anyone has had her back. I loved meeting Killian and seeing how much he cares for Devyn.

He has been falling in love with her for years and this attack pushes him to finally act. Best of all, while he didn’t like her being in danger, he knew how good she was and let her do her job. He never prevents her from being herself, instead acting as her support.

Devyn was an incredible hero. Extremely adept at his job, he has no problem putting himself in danger, especially when Killian is in trouble. i love her She had a really terrible upbringing but it pushed her to be a really better person. Killian is the only person Devyn trusted enough to break down his walls and fall in love. Killian and Devyn’s relationship was intense, fast-paced, and very romantic. They had a great partnership that worked perfectly on and off the pitch. I also loved the epilogue and the glimpse into her life after she left the CIA.

Overall, I loved this book and this couple. I can’t wait to read the next book which will hopefully be by Bram because I’m so ready to meet this grumpy man.

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