Download Someone Else’s Shoes [PDF] By Jojo Moyes

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Someone Else’s Shoes book pdf download for free or read online, also Someone Else’s Shoes pdf was written by Jojo Moyes.

BookSomeone Else’s ShoesAuthorJojo MoyesLanguageEnglishSizeMBPages448CategoryNovel

Someone Else’s Shoes Book PDF download for free

This is not romance. (There are little romantic elements to it though!)
Sam and Nisha are two middle-aged women in their forties. They don’t know each other, but their lives get a bit mixed up in this book.
Sam is the mother of a 19-year-old girl and the wife of a depressed, jobless man who spends his days on the couch.
She works very hard to bring home enough money.

Nisha is the complete opposite. She has a teenage son and a super-rich businessman. She lives on fashion and what others think and what her husband needs.
Nisha and her husband are in London on business.
But a tiny baggie that gets mixed up at the local gym changes everything for Nisha and Sam.

Someone Else’s Shoes Pdf Download


I’m not the biggest fan of women’s fiction. That’s the reason I’ve only read Jojo’s “Me Before You” books. And I loved her. So this is the first Jojo book I’ve read in a long time! And what do you know? I also loved it. I really loved it!

It was so different, interesting, funny, sweet, touching, crazy, empowering, silly, mysterious and exciting and I had to keep reading to find out how it would all end for our two ladies.

I don’t want to say too much. Almost anything I could tell you would reveal too much of the story. Just read it! It is such a beautiful story. I want to see the movie as soon as possible!

Two middle-aged ladies fighting for their future with a little help from their new friends.
It doesn’t sound super exciting when you put it that way, but it was the best story.
Grrr. I wish I could tell you more about it, but I don’t want to. LOL!
(And remember! I really don’t like women’s fiction. I’m a sexy and fun romance reader and a mystery and suspense reader! But this book has a little bit of everything!)

SOMEONE ELSE’S SHOES was a beautiful, exciting, touching, sad, sweet and crazy story. Head over to your nearest bookstore to pick up your own copy, it’ll be selling out ASAP!
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