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Sinners Consumed book pdf download for free or read online, also Sinners Consumed pdf was written by Somme Sketcher.

Somme Sketcher writes dark and dangerous romance novels that are destined to be devoured.

Plunge into the murky waters of the morally dark underworld, where sinners look like saints and villains are your heroes.

BookSinners ConsumedAuthorSomme SketcherLanguageEnglishSize1.3 MBPages289CategoryNovels

Sinners Consumed Book PDF download for free

Sinners Consumed is the second part of a duet. The story of Rafe and Penny begins in Sinners Condemned.

Sinners Consumed Book PDF download for free

Sinners Consumed concludes the story of Penny and Rafe. I enjoyed these two; They had this HATE/LOVE relationship from the very start and the sexual tension was also FIRE! These two couldn’t fight the sexual tension any longer, and Somme brings the HEAT at the beginning of the book.

Rafe is still in his BS and keeps pushing Penny away, thinking she’s bad luck for him. Penny is a strong and courageous woman, and she doesn’t accept Rafe’s nonsense; she answers him directly.

Throughout the book both cannot deny their love for each other; but they both put up a good fight to deny it.

Somme writes some of the best slow ANGSTY recordings and these two joked around a lot and had explosive chemistry.

I really love the bond she forms with the other ladies and can’t wait to see more of them in the Gabe’s story.

Somme, we need Gabe’s book now! I know you’re going to be completely twisted and out of joint, and I’m ready to devour your book!

I love Penny and Rafe, but felt like a lot of the storyline was missed or just didn’t fit the plot.


She never admitted to Rafe that she ran away from counting cards, or am I missing that? She made it look like she was stealing wallets and that’s why he took her outside and that’s why she accidentally started the fire. He wanted the truth to come out.When he killed the Irishmen who were chasing them we saw no real threats from them against them or read of him kicking their ass.The whole Tor thing, was he on vacation on an island and they couldn’t find him with all their connections? And we didn’t have any bromance or reconciliation between Tor and Rafe, I was looking forward to that friendship.That Dante was responsible for bombing the port and then being part of their monthly game could have been so much bigger in the book, but it was glossed over.

I just think there was no need for two books because his story could have been told in one, like adding 100 pages to Condemned Sinners.
I will say that I enjoyed the obscenity and the submissiveness. hell again she did it. lol

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