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Set On You book pdf download for free or read online, also Set On You pdf was written by Amy Lea.

BookSet On YouAuthorAmy LeaLanguageEnglishSize1.9 MBPages381CategoryNovels

Set On You Book PDF download for free

Curvy fitness influencer Crystal Chen built her career by breaking with gym stereotypes and largely ignoring trolls. With little energy left for men after her recent breakup, she instead finds solace in the gym, her place of strength and positivity.

Enter Fireman Scott Ritchie, the snooty new gym-goer who routinely steals his favorite squat rack. Sparks fly as these ultra-competitive opponents battle for dominance in the gym. But after an escalating series of beatings, the last thing they expect is to find themselves at their grandparents’ engagement party.

In the run-up to her grandparents’ wedding, Crystal discovers that Scott’s muscular exterior hides a tender heart. Bound by family, fitness, and cheesy pick-up lines, they may have found their match. But when a photo of them goes viral, rampant internet trolls put their budding relationship to the ultimate test.

Set On You Book Pdf Download

This light-hearted debut takes a while to find its footing, but it began to shine when it did. I couldn’t resist this adorable cover, and it really captures the mood very well: this laid-back romance features a curvy, (mostly) confident heroine and a muscular hero who acts like an alpha but secretly has a love center. marshmallow. These two strangers can’t stop arguing, but the sparks that fly between them are unmistakable. The tone is light and a bit funny, with some more emotional moments and touches of steam. I was blown away by the back and wouldn’t hesitate to read Lea’s next book; it ended up being pretty solid.

The story follows Crystal, a personal trainer and also a fitness influencer who has really learned to love her body. While many judge her height and career choices, Crystal knows she is the happiest and healthiest person just the way she is. When he meets an angry stranger at the gym, he’s off-putting at first sight…kinda. Scott seems to be pushing all of Crystal’s buttons and she has many guesses about his personality, but the two can’t keep their distance. When they find out they’re not just connected through the gym, things get completely complicated. But Scott could be on the mend, and Crystal will never be anyone’s second choice again.

I loved that this wasn’t just another romance where the curvy heroine has to learn to love herself or change something before she can. Crystal already knows she’s awesome, she just has insecurities that creep in like everyone else. The book is set in a gym so it might have gone in a worrying direction, but I really liked the tone. She also loved Scott; We’re only getting Crystal’s perspective and I would have given anything to hear her thoughts because I can only imagine they would increase the swoon factor by a thousand.

It’s a cinnamon roll wrapped in an alpha’s body, with a bit of swagger to match the whole package. While Crystal sometimes drove me insane with her endless assumptions, Scott turned out to be such a cool guy. They have great chemistry and I loved the direction the book took when they decided to explore that. It’s fraught with unnecessary misunderstandings here and there, but overall I really enjoyed it.

At first this read like a romantic comedy, but it quickly became so much more to me.

Being half Mexican and half White, I could understand Crystal’s issues arising from being half white and half Asian (not the same but similar expectations of you not being white enough or not being the other half enough). However, this was not the main conclusion.

Dealing with fat haters and fat scrapers is also a big part of this story. Being a fat, curvy, plus-size woman is definitely a struggle when it comes to being judged by others. Especially if you maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle but are still overweight. I have PCOS and birth control makes it very difficult to lose weight. But I’m very active and I love exercising, lifting weights and running. Some of the issues Crystal addressed when it came to her size definitely resonated. I was once told, “You have attractive partners for a big girl,” and honestly, I will never stop getting angry or upset when I think of all that that comment implies.

This brings me to the main message of the book. Self-respect and self-understanding… self-acceptance. That is the goal. Period. 1000%
Crystal struggling with the negative comments and her insecurities made me anxious and upset for her. He also wanted to take over Instagram and fight haters. But seeing Crystal understand herself, admitting her mistakes with Scotty, and customizing her platform to suit her needs was so much more satisfying.

All I want is a book about Tara haha ​​and her bookstagram… and maybe Trevor 🥹
But I digress.
Amy Lea’s Set On You is phenomenal reading and I encourage people to read it for the laughs, the tropes and the positive messages it conveys.

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