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Seraph book pdf download for free or read online, also Seraph pdf was written by Lily Mayne.

Lily Mayne writes what she loves to read: achingly sweet, but also dark, romance novels set in unusual settings: dark, futuristic, dystopian, and more.

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Seraph Book PDF download for free

Seraph is the sixth book in the Monstrous series, a post-apocalyptic M/M fantasy series about monsters and humans who fall in love. It is best to read them in order.

This m/m love story contains explicit sexual content and is not suitable for young readers. It also contains non-human genitalia, depictions of violence, serious injury, death, and a case of violence between MCs.

Seraph Book Pdf Download

Seraph has been my most anticipated read since around March when I first read the monster books and finished with Moth. The series made me feel like the Wastes were home and the characters were my family. Monstrous became one of my top favorite shows of all time and Seraph…absolutely kept that space n. #1 ultra tight and secure. 😌 Lilac has been my favorite single person since The Rycke, and seeing her get a monster (the most monster monster ever!!!) made my heart so warm. She was so ready to see him as a lover.

Seraph burns slower than previous monster books, but for good reason, as we know Seraph was locked in a cage. He was listening to the romance podcast where Lily said that she was worried it would be boring, but really, there’s no reason for her to worry. It is perfect. Lily handles approval on her books very well and this was no exception. The pacing was perfect, nothing was rushed and I feel like things happened exactly when they should have happened. The romance is built with such sweetness and tenderness and the strength between the lilac and the seraph grows with each page. It feels like they are finding just what they need in each other.

Regardless, Lilac and Seraph are so interesting, complex, and mysterious that they make the sixth book one of my favorites. Both points of view feel relatable and explanatory without being overloaded with details and full of information dumps. Enough is given for us to imagine the whole scene and use our imaginations to fill in the blanks.

That’s what I love about Lily: that she relies on her readers to fill in the gaps, but she still steers the whole story in her own impeccable direction. Her writing is perfect for the world she created, so moving and informative and utterly unique. She stabs my heart right where I need it and then again in areas she didn’t know existed. She also has a way of making each book feel individual to the character that she LOVED.

I cried during Seraph. I get excited when I read, but I don’t usually cry when I read a book. The power of writing by Lily Mayne!!! I felt completely DA with the characters in every scene. Nothing is lost so you feel like you are watching the scene in real time. I was heartbroken, frozen, hopeful, and incredibly happy reading it. She takes us through all kinds of emotions. I am really impressed by her talent and ability.

One of my favorite parts overall was the cast of background characters and the interactions they have. Each character is incredibly unique and shaped differently – even if there were no voice tags, you’d still have a pretty good idea who’s talking. Lily Mayne is a genius at characterization and world building. Overall, these distinctive characters feel like a solid, extended family unit that would kill for each other. The bonds are so deep, healthy and full of respect and unbreakable love. I’m getting sidetracked here, but I would sidetrack this series forever. It is impressive. A work of art. Legendary.

Seraph and Lilac are an amazing couple and I can’t imagine them with anyone else. Lilac is such a calming force for Seraph, and Seraph lights a small fire under Lilac’s butt. i am in love forever i will read this series over and over until i am 100 years old. My soul never tires of the rich and unsurpassed world of Lily.

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