Download Runaway Rogue [PDF] By Cassie Mint

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Runaway Rogue Book pdf download for free or read online, also Runaway Rogue pdf was written by Cassie Mint.

BookRunaway RogueAuthorCassie MintLanguageEnglishSize493 KBPages69CategoryNovels

Runaway Rogue Book PDF download for free

Runaway Rogue Book PDF download for free

He’s a rogue agent, gone AWOL on a tropical island.

I’m the barista they sent to fetch him.

I know what you’re thinking. Why me? Why am I tramping up the side of a volcano, searching for one of the most dangerous men alive?

Runaway Rogue Pdf Download

After all, I’m a barista. I do latte art and cupcake displays. I have no business trailing this man through the jungle.

Here’s the truth: I’m bait. Apparently the secret agent likes me, and now they’re gonna dangle me on a string to coax him home.

But as he tracks me across the island… watches me, silent and brooding between the trees…

I can only hope he won’t devour me whole.

Runaway Rogue is a short and steamy instalove story, starring a dangerous weapon of a man, and the hapless barista sent to tame him.

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