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Pretty It Up book pdf download for free or read online, also Pretty It Up pdf was written by Cee Bowerman.

BookPretty It UpAuthorCee BowermanLanguageEnglishSize278 KBPages220CategoryNovels

Pretty It Up Book PDF download for free

Sometimes love isn’t enough, is it?

Lana Gold, one of the Donovan triplets, found her true love in college but lost him when the life she dreamed of became a reality. An introspective misfit and being so far away from her family and hometown challenged Lana and her marriage until she finally had enough and left it all behind.

Co-parenting the man she’s still in love with has kept him in her world. Although they lead very different lives, they have a daughter together. When a health issue threatens Clay’s life, Lana steps in and keeps the promise she made at their wedding. It also applies to illness and health after a divorce, right?

Clay Gold spent his youth trying to achieve his ultimate goal of playing professional football for his favorite team. With Lana by his side through college and then into military service, he was riding high towards a goal he had worked towards all his life. Unfortunately, that goal and his career overshadowed their relationship and cost him his marriage.

Having to settle for just being friends with the woman he was still madly in love with was excruciating, but Clay had to make peace with it as it was the only way to keep Lana around. With circumstances beyond his control, Clay found that losing the dream career he’d worked so hard to achieve wasn’t as heartbreaking as he’d imagined, especially when he realized it was giving him his family back dignity he once had. I hated losing.

Join Cee Bowerman in Marlboro, Texas, home of the Donovan family, and watch as two people meant for each other find their way surrounded by the love and family connections her books are known for.

Pretty It Up Book Pdf Download

holy smoke What a great story. I loved Pretty It Up from start to finish. Marley stole my heart and what Clay did to get Lana back was awesome. Cee knows how to tell a story that makes you feel like you’re right there with them. Keep up the great writing.

Cee always made me feel like I was living right in the world of her books! From the Knights of Texas to the Kings to Time Served – I feel like I’m with everyone who lives in their worlds! Absolutely amazing work of art! I absolutely hate book hangovers, but as soon as one of his books gets published, I’ll finish reading!

What a journey Cee Bowerman has taken me! That was the partner I had to work with. By being truthful and honest with each other, they were able to solve their problems and get back to where they needed to be.

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