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One Night In Vegas book pdf download for free or read online, also One Night In Vegas pdf was written by Jacob Parker.

After ten years of helping his wife Ali Parker and brother-in-law Weston Parker develop their own love stories, Jacob Parker has decided to step up with a new twist on the love story.

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One Night In Vegas Book PDF download for free

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas until it stops happening.

It was a hot night and he wanted much more.

But the next morning she was gone.

The only thing she took with her was that my heart.

I never thought love at first sight was real, but it was.

Fast forward eight years later and guess who shows up and needs a job?

It just happens that I need an assistant.

Keep your friends close and also your enemies closer.

However, she is a smart girl and she feels the tension between us.

I’m not sure if it’s lust, love, or my need for revenge, but I won’t go down without a fight.

My lover became an enemy and now I want to return the favor for her, or do I?

It’s funny how a night in Vegas becomes my yearning for eternity.

One Night In Vegas Book Pdf Download

Not your standard Vegas read. Macy was in Vegas with her best friends and was having a great time when they walked into a bar and her eyes met a handsome stranger. After a hot night together, Macy runs away and she thinks she’ll never see him again, but fate has other plans. Jon has not forgotten Macy and still thinks of her 8 years later.

Jon’s assistant retires and he is looking for a new administrative assistant that Macy didn’t know about when she applied for the job. Jon owns a successful watch company and she would be his assistant. When he first sees Macy, they are both surprised and shocked. Unhappy about working for the history professors at the local college, Macy initially turns down Jon’s job offer, but he is determined to make her work for him, so he pursues her.

The spark is still there between the two and she still feels that she is her soulmate. She still can’t believe they live in the same town and haven’t crossed paths in eight years. Macy eventually goes to work for him and discovers that she is more than capable of being his administrative assistant, she is like his right hand woman. You can’t deny the chemistry between them and I see where she’s going. There are so many ups and downs and twists and turns in this book, it keeps you turning the page to see what happens next. Another great Jacob Parker read!

Vegas seems to be hiding a lot of things. A one night stand between two people who are very attracted to each other. Macy is in Las Vegas for her 21st birthday. Jon is there for a bachelorette party. When they meet on the dance floor, he instantly clicks.

But it shouldn’t be. After a happy night of sex and Jon telling her that he loves her (friend of hers, you just met her), Macy sneaks out of her bedroom and her life for 8 long years.

Eight years later, we see Jon as CEO of a successful watch company. His assistant retires (he was also his father’s assistant). That means it’s time to hire someone new. Someone who will be his assistant for years to come. Not someone who wants to climb the ladder.

Macy enters. He has been an assistant to a college professor for the past five years. He hates work and can’t wait to find something new and exciting. When she lands an interview with Jon, you can see the wheels turning for both of them. She is still upset that she left him alone in Vegas. She is upset that he never sought her out.

This story has so many twists and turns and whims. You’ll love how the two finally meet again. It is a trip that you will enjoy!

Jon owns a watch company that he inherited after his father’s death. He sees her immediately and goes to meet her. Macy is in Las Vegas for her 21st birthday. She will celebrate extensively with the four friends of hers. When she entered the club they had chosen, she immediately met a boy’s eyes with hers. That’s how fast she went, from there we went to her hotel room. It was so instant. Jon fell in love at first sight. Macy just thought it was the drinks.

She got up and left as soon as he fell asleep. It is now eight years later. Lo and behold, Jon lives in San Francisco and, of course, Macy has always lived in San Francisco. Bored with her job, her roommate and best friend lands her an interview as an executive assistant. Wow, they are both surprised when they meet again. Macy applies for the position at Jon’s company.

This story has a twist in the future. One that I never expected. It’s hot and cold, then hot and cold again. Will they ever bear fruit? It’s an amazing ride with these two. It’s funny and sad and full of revenge attempts on both sides. In fact, I read it in one sitting, it was very good.

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