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No Romeo book pdf download for free or read online, also No Romeo pdf was written by Stevie J. Cole.

BookNo RomeoAuthorStevie J. ColeLanguageEnglishSize1.7 MBPagesCategoryNovels

No Romeo Book PDF download for free

To the everyone in Dayton, Hendrix Hunt was just the tattooed bad boy, the bully, the player. The boys hated and feared him. The girls wanted to tame him. And he just wishes he could forget it.

Two years ago, Hendrix was my world. Then the Dayton stain ruined everything and broke us both with secrets and lies. I destroyed him and now he really wants to destroy me…

They say that love is patient, love is kind, but when love breaks it is filled with jealousy and revenge.

Hendrix Hunt was not Romeo. But unfortunately, like Julia, he was in love with my enemy.

No Romeo Book Pdf Download

Damn good! I love this wild series with these older teenagers who live a tough life. There are no parents raising themselves and if they are lucky they add an older sibling to the mix. The first two books were outstanding and this one continues in the same vein. I didn’t know how these fabulous writers would stay true to the Hendrix craziness, but they did. All that wacky, wild, evil behavior is there with beautiful added layers that show just how special this guy is.

I laughed and cried and winced as Hendrix unleashed all of his venom on his ex-girlfriend and everyone else. This guy is too much! Sexy, hilarious and the ultimate bad boy. The ex is a special breed of complicated young women with a traumatic past and no real future. Lola stole my heart with her devotion to her sister, her unfathomable decisions and her love for Hendrix. The love between Lola and Hendrix was so beautiful, full of beautiful emotions and scorching heat. There is a mystery surrounding her breakup with Hendrix that plays out throughout the story.

It’s so sad and painful and Hendrix’s reaction is just perfect. I love a group of characters in a shady environment, with horrible parents and no future in sight. Living on the wrong side of the tracks in Dayton with glimpses of the good life that is the other side of her reality. Rich people from Barrington appear in the story, some good and some bad. There weren’t as many fights between the teens and the schools as in the first two stories, but it’s okay.

I loved how the writers didn’t follow the same plot points and gave us something new. The romance was so sweet at times and Hendrix really shined. He other times he was crazy with jealousy, revenge and unpleasant sex. Lola was a perfect match for Hendrix. His antics to earn money were hilarious. The others in this group appear in the story and Wolf is the only one left of the male friends and I can’t wait for his story. I hope young Gracie and Arlo get stories.

And what about Lola’s best Kyle and golden boy Chad? Could we get a story from MM please? I’d love to. This is the best of the best in the genre. So much excitement and a little bit of fear as these teenagers fight against their circumstances, they are fiercely loyal and so much love. The author duo is exceptional! Must read!

Stevie J. Cole and L.P. Lovell takes us back to the tense atmosphere of Dayton and Barrington, where the animosity between the two schools reached a new level. Their worlds coexist with a fierce hatred for each other. Jokes, violence and anger of the competition. No Romeo was a comfortable enemy for romance novels centered around Hendrix and Lola. This is the third book in the Dayton High series and is an EASY read on its own. Lola is back in Dayton after being away for two years.

Ella now tries to put her life in order and take care of her sister while she tries to avoid her ex-boyfriend Hendrix. Hendrix has been trying to get over Lola for the past 2 years, but now that he’s back in town, everything changes. Secrets will be revealed and revenge will be carried out. What a great way to get your HEA!

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