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My Policeman book pdf download for free or read online, also My Policeman pdf was written by Bethan Roberts.

BookMy PolicemanAuthorBethan RobertsLanguageEnglishSize1.4 MBPages298CategoryNovel

My Policeman Book PDF download for free

In Brighton in the 1950s, Marion sees Tom for the first time. He teaches her to swim, gently guides her through the water in the shadow of the city’s famous pier, and Marion falls in love, determined that her love alone will be enough for both of them. A few years later Patrick meets Tom near the Brighton Museum.

Patrick is in love, opening Tom’s eyes to a glamorous and sophisticated new world of art, travel and beauty. Tom is his cop and nowadays it’s safer for him to marry Marion and secretly meet Patrick. The two lovers must share it until one of them breaks and three lives are destroyed.

In this haunting portrait of mid-century England, Bethan Roberts reimagines the real-life relationship that writer E. M. Forster had with a police officer, Bob Buckingham, and his wife. My Policeman is a deeply honest story about love’s fierce resistance and the devastation of a repressive society.

My Policeman Book Pdf Download

This is certainly a good read, but by no means a great one. The inspiration for this story obviously came from E M Forster and his relationship with a married police officer and his wife, but that’s where the similarities end. So this is Brighton in the 1950’s and Peacehaven in the 1990’s. The story is told from two perspectives, that of Marion, who is married to Tom, the title’s police officer, and Patrick, the curator of the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. We’ve never read anything by Tom that gives him a certain enigmatic feel.

There is a nice juxtaposition between the two narration voices that gives us events from both perspectives, but admittedly Marion’s narration seems better written than Patrick’s, possibly because we have an author trying to write like a man. and a gay man at that. There’s certainly a sense of time in this book that helps bring it to some degree alive. And you also have deep sympathy for Marion and Patrick, but not for Tom, who seems too distant and a shadow of a real person.

At a time when keeping up appearances was so important we can see why, despite his inclinations, Tom proposes to Marion and we can see that there was obviously some pressure from work as it seems if others are reading this, maybe he was beginning to wonder about his sexual appetite. That sounds true to an extent, but we don’t know if she still lights a candle for Patrick or if she just wants to forget him and move on to another man.

As you can see, as I mentioned, that’s good, but not great, mostly because despite being the central character the story revolves around, we never hear anything from Tom, making him a quiet person power, similar to Dracula in Bram. Stoker’s classic story. If Tom had died before the parts in 1999 this would have been put together a lot better, but as he’s still alive a weakness runs through it, causing us a degree of fear and despair.

This is a deeply beautiful and tragic story of two people in love with the same man, set in repressive Britain in the 1950s. Surprisingly, the book is told only from the point of view of Marion and Patrick, who love Tom, the title’s cop.

Marion falls in love with Tom the first time she sees him, her best friend’s older brother.

“He was leaning against the door with sleeves rolled up to his elbows and I could really feel the fine lines of muscle on his forearms. He couldn’t have been more than fifteen, barely a year older than me, but his shoulders were already broad and there was a dark hollow at the base of his neck.

His chin had a scar on one side, just a little dent, like a thumbprint in clay, and he had a smirk, which I knew to do on purpose even then, because he thought he should, because it made him feel like a Ted, but the full effect of that boy leaning against the door frame and looking at me with his blue eyes, small eyes sunken, made me blush so, so hard that I reached down and wrapped my fingers in the dusty fur Midnight’s ears dug and my eyes dropped to the floor.

Marion’s boyfriend tries to tell her that Tom will never be interested in her “that” but since those things just weren’t discussed at the time, nothing is ever explicitly said. Homosexuality was illegal in Britain at the time and was punishable by imprisonment. Marion is deeply in love with Tom, as is Patrick, who works for the local Brighton art museum and has to hide his homosexuality.

Patrick is smart, cultured, and sophisticated, and Tom is attracted to him. But they can never openly express their love for each other, so they have to hide their true feelings. Tom eventually marries with Marion, who realizes very early in her relationship with Tom that she will always have to share him with Patrick.

The book begins with Marion writing her story for Patrick, who has suffered a stroke. The author brings the surroundings of Brighton, England to life and describes the extremely repressive morality of the time. Patrick also tells his story in journals, and we see how tragic it is that he is forced to hide his true self. He has to lead a secret double life because having a gay relationship is not only a crime but also despised. His courage and intelligence broke my heart.

Marion’s recent jealousy leads to devastating consequences, but despite the fact that she’s an unlikable character, she’s also been forced to live a painful and unfulfilling life. The ending was very calm and dignified, leaving open the possibility of Marion’s redemption.

I was mesmerized by the meticulous attention to detail and depiction of life in Britain in the 1950s. I read this book in one day and will never forget it. I can’t wait for the film version of this book and I hope it captures all the beautiful and painful details of this exquisite story. Highly recommended!

Ever since Marion was a child, she has had a crush on Tom, her friend Sylvie’s older brother. She dreams that they are together and tries to plan her way to see him in every possible way. As they get older, Tom joins the army and later becomes a police officer.

He is a good swimmer and also he gives Marion swimming lessons. Although Marion is very attracted to Tom and he needs to know this, his progress is slow. Sylvie tries to warn Marion about Tom by hinting that he’s different from most men. Not sure what Sylvie means, Marion ignores her warning anyway. She is too much in love with Tom to listen to any advice that might turn her away from him.

Tom has a friend Patrick who is museum curator. He attended the Oxford and is really educated and quite wealthy. Like Marion, he is in love with Tom and tries to show Tom the beauty of the arts: painting, opera, sculpture and music. Gradually they complete their love and Marion doesn’t hear anything from Patrick at first. Feeling dirty like it is in 1957 Britain when gay relationships are against the law, Tom asks Marion to marry him to feel more normal. She accepts and they are quickly married.

The book begins in 1999 with Patrick quite ill and under the umbrella of Marion and Tom. Marion took Patrick in after two strokes and is trying to nurse him back to health. Marion has written her account of her triple love story and plans to read it to Patrick to help him heal. The doctor says talking to him will help. Patrick also kept a journal for most of his life up to his strokes, and the reader is aware of Marion and Patrick’s journals in alternate parts of the novel. The novel goes back and forth from the present, 1999, to 1957 when Patrick meets Tom.

Both Marion and Patrick refer to Tom as “My Policeman” and compete for his love. Beautifully showing the reader the tragedies that result from this triple love, this novel grips the reader from the start. This is a sad and moving book full of suppressed emotions, love and anger. It’s heartbreaking and reflects the times: in 1957 in Britain homosexuals were being labeled “inverse” or “perverted”. Although the novel also reflects the events of 1999, most of the action takes place at the beginning of the century, when love between two adults of the same sex is punished with imprisonment.

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