Download Midlife Hotspots [PDF] By La Davis And L.A. Boruff

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Midlife Hotspots book pdf download for free or read online, also Midlife Hotspots pdf was written by La Davis And L.A. Boruff.

BookMidlife HotspotsAuthorLa Davis And L.A. BoruffLanguageEnglishSize KBPages140CategoryNovel

Midlife Hotspots Book PDF download for free

Antique shop owner and outlaw paranormal hunter Blaire Braden lives a quiet life in a small town, running her antique shop and going about her business.

The Hunters Guild kicked her out thirty years ago when they found out she was pregnant with a half-changer baby. Since then, the wolf pack her daughter belongs to has become part of her extended family, complete with fur, fangs and claws.

Life is good and drama free.

Midlife Hotspots Pdf Download

Until Lachlan James, her baby’s father, alpha of the local wolf pack, and a very good friend ask her for help. One of their wolves is being hunted, and Blair is just the non-hunter for the job. She has an affinity for apparitions, although she isn’t actually a slayer anymore.

Of course she has to help. Not that she has a ton of things to do herself, like selling her antiques, looking out for cursed items, and finding out if her shop is haunted. Strange things happen, that’s for sure.

He will drop everything and help the pursued wolf because that’s the right thing to do.

And Blaire always does the right thing.


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