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Mercy book pdf download for free or read online, also Mercy pdf was written by Sara Cate.

Sara Cate writes gripping contemporary romance with high stakes and big emotions. She has a soft spot for forbidden romance, the age difference, lots of heartbreak, and the boys are so mean you just have to love them.

BookMercyAuthorSara CateLanguageEnglishSize1.9 MBPages402CategoryNovel

Mercy Book PDF download for free

What a twist on the traditional age gap when instead a woman discovers her inner domme, who also has a thing for brats. Enter Beau featured in Lob and he definitely fits the title. Both are new to their naughtiness and their roles: who would have expected the normally quiet Maggie to embody a dominant personality and the egotistical Beau to be submissive? Sure I could see his bellows features, but sub? Surprise surprise.

As both are new to the lifestyle, with BDSM all around them, I liked the discovery of each other’s sexual personalities as well as the gradual and informed acceptance of their lifestyle.

Mercy Book Pdf Download

If you had to have a handsome 22-year-old as your man, Beau embodied the bad boy, the tough, self-absorbed attraction and, with good reason, was unaware of the need for imposed control.

Living with his personal insecurities and taking what he wanted, he discovered that his behavior was manifested in a desire to calm chaos and turmoil, to live within a discipline that defined his boundaries and his inner chaos and insecurity calmed down Similarly, Maggie’s self-discovery was manifested through her childhood sexual repression and interpersonal relationships that hid her true self until she learned to emotionally embrace and accept her true inclinations without shame or judgement.

It also addressed the shortcomings (mis)perceived by society of an older woman’s body. If you could see yourself like me. -Prince

I loved how these two came together through a modern and surprising app developed by Salacious Players Club (SPC). Humor and irony were not to be overlooked. Just a fun mix of personalities that weren’t originally meant to be taken seriously, right down to the first text. This was the beginning of an exploratory and educational experience for both of them, which grew into a relationship.

Sara Cate dominates (“Teacher”) the development of the characters, from their characteristics to their behavior, the development of romance, the involvement of key and secondary characters. Every interaction felt fluid, natural, and believable: gestures, images like eye contact sparked interest at first encounter, and physical attractiveness blossomed.

I also loved the subliminal applause of self-acceptance without fanfare, e.g. transgender, and Sophie’s demonstrated kinship with Beau, simplicity, naturalness and caring. Likewise, other characters and their non-traditional roles and accepted turns of phrase were portrayed in the SPC. Speaking of which, there have been appearances from everyone, and especially Emerson and Charlie from Praise, so central to the shaping and forbidden of Beau and Maggie’s relationship.

I loved the realistic awkwardness and clumsiness of Beau’s father’s relationship with Beau’s ex-girlfriend. It was a touchstone, tangible and not swept under the rug, that added to the forbidden allure of Beau’s relationship with Maggie, his father’s business partner.

Beau, the ex-boyfriend’s girl, with Emerson, the ex-boyfriend’s father whose business partner Maggie was with his son. Oh, and the twist of potential hypocrisy between the four, punctuated by love for a son, was there too. I have to admit that the trepidation added to the fear and joy of the story, as well as the bittersweet healing: father, son, ex.

Beautifully, the story described Maggie and Beau’s growth and acceptance, embracing them and being comforted by the lifestyle, especially after Beau gave it up. I enjoyed reading about her insecurities in her new roles. How Maggie talked jazzed up. I liked and found Beau’s meanness about wanting to be punished for an acquittal and having someone else lead him because he was out of control amusing.

Along with the domme sub dynamics of Maggie and Beau and reading A Hot Spoiled Guy Crawling Inside His Lover and other D/s sessions, hot!, there were a few exercises that didn’t appeal to me as much. I can still appreciate his adherence to the pillars of BDSM: safe, sane, and consensual. I can also admit that Beau probably justified it and asked for it.

I recognize that a man can be submissive and not lose his manhood, but the same can be true that the hero can be alpha despite being a submissive brat. Their relationship had an air of father-son. Also, Maggie’s joy at the administration of pain and the key event of submission weren’t that appealing, maybe because of that, and to me they defied her alpha. Still, the self-education, research, and careful experimentation with character boundaries, especially Maggie’s, were well done. Plus the aftercare was sweet and so heartwarmingly reassuring.

If there was one element that struck me as unexpected, it was that Beau and Maggie mostly lived on stage. There were a few moments when they weren’t playing, so I felt like I was just reading BDSM in an everyday context. Maybe that worked for her as Beau wanted to be caged with boundaries to set it, but I would have enjoyed the backstage routine more.

Ok, now the spice? There should be no doubt, no apprehension when reading a work by this author. It was hot! Black leather collar…sexy! I daresay this book was the cheekier of the four (well, except for co-authors Four and Five), and even if Give Me More is still my favorite.

Mercy is written to a progressive rhythm, with a great balance of prose and dialogue, and excellent at evoking emotion. Overall a great story and writing. The story not only portrays real and relatable characters, but also emotionally poignant themes of relationships, their backgrounds and their baggage growing up. SPC, including Mercy, contained heartfelt love stories, some fun roleplay, but mostly sexual confidence, confidence and personal acceptance.

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