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Last Sacrifice book pdf download for free or read online, also Last Sacrifice pdf was written by Richelle Mead.

BookLast SacrificeAuthorRichelle MeadLanguageEnglishSize1.6 MBPages609CategoryNovels

Last Sacrifice Book PDF download for free

Murder. Love. Jealousy. And the ultimate sacrifice.

The queen is dead and the world of the Moroi will never be the same again. Now, with Rose awaiting an unjust execution and Lissa locked in a deadly fight for the royal throne, the girls are forced to trust their enemies and question those who thought they could be trusted. . . .

But what if true freedom means sacrificing what matters most?


Last Sacrifice Book PDF download for free

Spoiler alert I finished reading this book last night and turned off the light with a smile on my face, although I couldn’t sleep right away thinking about Dimitri, Rose and their gang!

I hadn’t read a Richelle Mead book before this series, but I’ll admit I’ve definitely heard of her. A couple of friends complimented them, one in particular (yes, it’s you, Shannon!) and I finally got to these wonderful books.

The beauty of Richelle’s writing is that I never “felt” I was reading, her words “danced” in my head as I watched the book unfold in my imagination, I almost “saw” the characters and what they did rather than having to picking up the words and working with them… Richelle has a wonderful way of capturing my interest.

OMG!!! They brought Dimitri back…and what a fucking idiot he was…ok ok I saw it through Rose’s eyes and I was fucking jealous of Lissa…he should love Rose!! !!

And at what point would Richelle Mead warn us that Tatiana is about to be killed???? WOW, I didn’t see that coming!

Mind you, I enjoyed Adrian’s relationship with Rose for who he was, well let’s face it, he’s not Dimitri (or what Dimitri was, huh)!

So Rose is framed for murder and the boys break her out (obviously), execute him with Abe’s help (she’s gotta love this guy!). As she enjoys her distant freedom with Sydney and the newly transformed Dimitri, Rose gets the idea to find out if there is any truth to Lissa, maybe a sister or brother!

As he runs around watching Lissa in court through Rose’s eyes, Dimitri begins to rediscover himself, and his love for Rose obviously comes through!

As the antics progress, Team Lissa tries to clear Rose’s name and we finally think of possible suspects. Although things have been cleared up in this area and we have discovered the killer, I was deeply shocked! OMG… I thought Mia, pretty little Mia, might be top of the list after Danielle and while Mia had the moment of hers, I was so surprised to see who actually did.

I was sad that the bond was over, but it made sense. I was sad about Adrian…and wondering about Rose’s relationship with Christian (although I think of course this would end well), and then of course there’s Jill and our Sydney…

HOWEVER, I’m thrilled to hear that Bloodlines is taking us on a journey with Sydney, Adrian and Jill…and this will be a book I’ll be reading in the next week or so…I really can’t wait to see what happens to them.

I highly recommend this series, what a wonderful, wonderful way to spend your evenings wrapped up in the adventures of Vampire Academy!

The queen is dead and Rose has been framed for her murder and she faces execution. However, her friends rescue her and now she and Demitri are on the run along with the alchemist Sydney. But instead of going into hiding like everyone wants, Rose is determined to find out who really killed Tatiana and find out if Tatiana’s note to Rose about Lissa’s secret half-siblings is true. In court, Lissa wants to find out who framed her best friend, but she gets caught up in the fight for the throne. Can both girls achieve their goals or will they survive if there is another killer and the guards want to kill Rose?

Last Sacrifice is the latest book in the Vampire Academy series and it’s just as amazing as the others in the series. That’s because they have it all; there is humor, politics, romance, action and friendships. I didn’t predict who the killer was and it was a real shock and twist.

Even though Rose and I had a rocky relationship throughout the series, I love her character because she’s so loyal and passionate, and it’s been nice to see how much she’s matured since the first book. I also like Lissa and how selfless and good and smart she is.

I’m so happy that Rose and Dimitri are getting their happy endings like they deserve after everything they’ve been through. I didn’t like how they came together though, as it seemed to cheapen their love by having Rose cheat on Adrian, while I don’t think Rose and Adrian belong together, it made me think less of Rose and Demitri.

While it’s bittersweet that this is the end of the Vampire Academy series, I’m glad that Rose and Lissa got their happy endings and that we get to see them in the Bloodlines spinoff series. I would recommend Last Sacrifice and this series to fans of the YA books and/or paranormal.

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