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Ice King book pdf download for free or read online, also Ice King pdf was written by B. B. Hamel.

BookIce KingAuthorB. B. HamelLanguageEnglishSize450 KBPagesCategoryNovel

Ice King Book PDF download for free

Famous businessman Ansell Drake only wants money, power and pleasure. He’s called the Ice King for a reason: nothing can penetrates his frozen heart.

I first meet the Ice King when my fiancé, William Crawford, cheats on me, and I blow up our lives in a spectacular and public way.

Ansell is the one who calls when I need someone the most. He gives me a place to stay and promises to protect me from my stupidly rich, aggressive and angry ex-fiancé.

But Ansell doesn’t do anything for free. It comes at a price and I’m not sure I can afford it.

Ice King scares me. He’s beautiful and mysterious, but danger lurks behind those emotionless blue eyes. Demand too much, demand more, and if I refuse to comply, I will face the wrath of my ex-fiancé.

I’m stuck between a frozen monster and a glowing demon, and I don’t know which one will tear me apart first.

The Ice King is here! Get ready for a dark and suspenseful read with lots of twists and turns and even more heat. It is a full-length standalone novel with no

Ice King Book Pdf Download

“Ice King” is a dark indie romance from author B.B. Hamelin. It’s an age gap romance with a feisty heroine and an unemotional hero who suddenly becomes extremely possessive and protective. Together they travel an exciting and action-packed path to a happy conclusion.

Ansell is the owner of a very successful entertainment agency specializing in finding the new musical talent. He’s a tough, tattooed foreman who can make anyone cry in cold blood. Marie’s father is a go-getter in the business world and managed to use his connections to get her a job at Ansell’s agency a year before this story began. Marie has worked hard and has to do an elaborate presentation about a band she discovered and nurtured.

It couldn’t be a bad time to start receiving emails with pictures showing that the man you recently got engaged to has cheated on you with multiple women. What he does next sets in motion a chain of events he could never have foreseen. I’m trying to be intentionally vague about the plot at this point because it’s full of twists and turns that you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

I liked that, but I really would have liked to know more, especially about Ansell. The information about his life that he eventually reveals to the Marie is very heartbreaking and explains his cold demeanor. But he wasn’t sure why his interaction with Marie suddenly changed him; she was not a new hire and he had hired her at her father’s urging so she would not be forgotten.

The surprises at the end were wild and dramatic, but they all came together so suddenly and seamlessly that I didn’t know what to make of them. If there is a sequel to this book (and it’s been left out that there might be), I would definitely read it.

Ansell owns a very successful entertainment agency specializing in the musical talent. He’s a stone cold man who can make anyone cry. Marie’s father got her a job at Ansell and she has worked hard to attract new talent. Marie is set on an arranged marriage to William and when she finds pictures of him cheating on him, she goes to a friend who runs a blog and the engagement breaks off.

William’s family is not happy about what Marie did. When William tries to hit Marie in an alley, Ansell comes to his aid. The chemistry between the two Ansell and Marie is very explosive. Will Marie’s father come after her for sabotaging marriage of two very powerful families? Will Ansell and Marie finally explore the chemistry between them? Will Ansell and Mari find love and happiness?

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