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His And Hers book pdf download for free or read online, also His And Hers pdf was written by Alice Feeney.

BookHis And HersAuthorAlice FeeneyLanguageEnglishSize1.4 MBPages314CategoryNovel

His And Hers Book PDF download for free

His And Hers psychological thriller has been cleverly constructed, chapter by chapter and paragraph by paragraph, drawing the reader into this addictive novel. It is obvious that Feeney wants to captivate the reader with his brilliant staging. Told from a first-person perspective, His, Her by her and the character speaking to us in italics is clearly an intriguing technique. I’m sure it was not easy to achieve. I picture Feeney going through many drafts of the chapters of him, repeating every word.

His And Hers Pdf Download

HER: She is a beautiful woman who has worked very hard to reach her current role as the BBC Lunchtime Newscaster. She covets her job. When obstacles arise, she is smart, mean, and has many stories to tell the reader about her teenage years. Explicit stories that may surprise you, but she keeps reading. Anna Andrews, a woman who finds solace in alcohol, seems to splash from scene to scene until I can’t keep up with her hot thoughts.

She is divorced from HIM, DCI Jack Harper, who is probably the most likeable character in the novel. The third narrator is clearly the murderer. It’s important to note that all three narrators are trustworthy, but they’re not purely accommodating.

ER: Jack is the leader of the big criminal team in Blackdown (big name for the town) and he often lusts after Anna, but that doesn’t stop him from being attracted to other women. Saddened by the divorce from him, he’s a bit of a fake when brought up to solve the first murder in this cunning plot.

I won’t offer spoilers, but let it be known that there is a personal tragedy, part of it blurred (I have a problem with a death), but through twists and turns you will discover who is compromised, vengeful and completely inappropriate.

Each story has two sides. While it’s not clear which side you’re listening to, know that it’s worth a read.
Anna Andrew is a journalist who wants to cover the news, while Jack Harper is a detective who wants to investigate a case before presenting the facts.

When a murder investigation in his hometown brings them together, they disagree because she wants to break the news first, while he wants to keep the information about Downlow based on her history with the victim.

Anna started broadcasting at the age of twenty. She met her husband while working as a crime scene correspondent. Anna made her way to the newscaster. When Cat went on maternity leave, Anna was offered her place. Everything was great for two years until Cat came back and sent Anna back to the country.

Detective Chief Inspector Jack Harper of the Blackdown Major Crime Team found himself in an unusual situation when he had to investigate a murder involving a woman he had sex with the night before. Jack was the lead detective investigating the murder of a woman he was having a sexual relationship with. Jack found himself in an awkward position that worsened when the evidence was presented.

The main characters are Jack and Anna and he really wanted them to be Jack and Diane, like in the John Mellencamp song. However, Alice provided the reader with fleshed-out backstories for both characters that provided enough information to determine the current state of mind. Each main character had individual views on their own past mistakes, but it was up to the reader to determine who lied. In the meantime, small crumbs of truth were placed in these chapters. You might think you figured it all out. Alice gave only the bare minimum, saving the best for her big reveal.

The research approach is developed from the past. To better understand the murdered victim, the reader must understand the relationship she had with Jack and Anna.

His And Hers is my first Alice Feeney reading. His And Hers was chosen because it is a psychological thriller with a twist. I’m a sucker for a clever, well-written plot twist. The chapters entitled El ser y ella provided the necessary distinction between the perspectives addressed.

Alice used a quite different formula than most to solve this murder case. To say that it was solved by the researchers is part of the truth. Jack played a very minor role as a detective. His And Hers doesn’t read like a typical crime thriller with investigators. Rather, the story unfolds through a look back into the past. The past leads to the present.

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