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Hail Mary book pdf download for free or read online, also Hail Mary pdf was written by Kandi Steiner.

BookHail MaryAuthorKandi SteinerLanguageEnglishSize3.2 MBPages424CategoryNovels

Hail Mary Book PDF download for free

Kandi Steiner’s Hail Mary is a forced closeness contemporary sports romance between enemies and second chance lovers told in the first person from two perspectives. The story follows the relationship between aspiring tattoo artist Mary Silver and college football star Leo Hernandez after her apartment is flooded and she reluctantly accepts his offer to stay with him until repairs are completed.

Mary and Leo share a past gone bad, leaving Mary devastated. Seven years have passed since then, but she still remembers everything vividly. Leo doesn’t seem to recognize her or remember anything about her at all. He wants to get to know Mary better and get closer to her, but after everything that happened when they were teenagers, she refuses to let him in. How could she trust him when she can’t even remember how he hurt her?

Hail Mary Pdf Download

But what if things weren’t what they seemed back then? What if you both made mistakes that changed the course of your relationship? Could they go back to normal?

I loved the story of Maria and Leo. It had some of my favorite themes (second chance, forced intimacy, sports) and a big dose of that angst I never get tired of, so I was prepared to give it a 5-star rating. But then I read chapter forty-one, the last chapter, and something really bothered me in one of the scenes. After I finished the story, I waited a few days before revisiting it so I could figure out 1) what exactly was bothering me, 2) why I felt that way, and 3) if it still bothered me enough to lower my ranking. As you can see I ended up giving it a 4 star rating. This is why…

I don’t find gagging hot or sexy. In fact, when something chokes me, it’s quite traumatic. So when the last chapter had a sex scene that mentioned gagging six times, I didn’t like that scene anymore. But excessive retching wasn’t the only thing that bothered me. What bothered me the most about this scene was the way Leo treated Mary and how her thoughts didn’t match her actions.

The scene is a round game in the hay and Leo reflects on how he has already ravaged Mary in a frenzy and how he now wants to take her time with her. Then, immediately after that thought, he motions for her to sit down and let her head dangle over the edge of the bed so he can shove her huge snake down her throat. That seemed very selfish and went against her mind because it was for her own pleasure, not hers.

Okay, he walks over to her as she chokes on the python in her pants. But when she pulls him away from her mouth to make an O of hers and then tries to stand up, he pushes her down and goes on to tell her how she wants (with an f) to avoid her pretty mouth.

As she chokes on his huge pork sword that she can barely fit halfway into her mouth, he leads her to open up more and tells her how he would like to see his huge stick of salami STRETCH HER THROAT and how she can take it deeper. and he wants her to take it and hold it as low and as long as she can. He then loses control of her, repeatedly thrusting into her pie hole and pulling out of her when he sees the lump in her throat from her anaconda monster.

A big part of Mary and Leo’s story was that he showed her how much he cared for her, putting her feelings and needs first as he made amends for the past, but her actions in this scene showed the opposite. . Although the six mentions of gagging in one scene is exaggerated (once or twice paints the picture pretty well), it would have bothered me anyway, but I don’t think the scene would have bothered me if Mary had been the initiator. If she had started it wanting to reciprocate, absorbing it as deeply as possible, she would have struck differently.

It would have felt more fitting for the character if Leo had let Mary take control and he followed suit according to his comfort level. It would also have felt more characteristic if Mary was in control and chose to give up control in the heat of the moment instead of Leo just taking it away. Because then he could believe that she was having fun. As written, I could not and did not.

Although Mary said after Leo drank her anaconda down her throat how much he turned her on, I didn’t believe it. You are welcome. That scene changed my feelings about Leo and it changed my feelings about the whole book. I couldn’t give it 5 stars anymore which really pissed me off but it is what it is. And 4 stars is still a good rating; It’s just not the rating I was hoping for.

Other than that scene, I loved Hail Mary story. Mary and Leo had amazing chemistry. And I loved all the tension and anxious longing. There were also some fun scenes with supporting characters that I really enjoyed. The epilogue wrapped it all up nicely; Hail Mary was a great way to end the series.

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