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Go Deep book pdf download for free or read online, also Go Deep pdf was written by Fiona Davenport.

Writing duo Elle Christensen and Rochelle Paige team up under the pseudonym Fiona Davenport to bring you sexy stories of instant love full of alpha males.

If you want a quick and dirty read with a guaranteed happy ending, then check out Fiona Davenport!

BookGo DeepAuthorFiona DavenportLanguageEnglishSize150 KBPages130CategoryMemoir

Go Deep Book PDF download for free

From USA Today bestselling author Fiona Davenport comes an age gap, an enforced closeness, a single bed, a sports romance with a wide receiver who will do anything for the woman destined to be his.

Most professional soccer players didn’t like being traded, but Clay Hensen rejoiced at the chance to play with his best friend again. Since their new house was being renovated, they would be roommates over the summer. At least until his boyfriend fell head over heels in love with hell and forced Clay to find somewhere else to live.

When the new couple insisted he use their apartment, the handsome wide receiver wasn’t thrilled about living with a stranger. But after meeting his new roommate, Clay had no qualms about using their closeness to his advantage. Whatever it took to make Marleigh his own.

Go Deep Book Pdf Download

When Jordan throws Clay out of his apartment so he can take Wrenly home, Clay checks into a hotel. The house you bought will not be renovated for another 2 weeks. When Wrenly tells him to move into his apartment, Clay’s first reaction is to say no, but he knows Jordan would kick his ass for making Wrenly unhappy, so he reluctantly says yes.

Marleigh knew she was obviously having a great time when her roommate and best friend Wrenly didn’t come home from the gala. But when he calls her the next day to tell her that not only is he moving in, but Jordan’s best friend is also moving in, she’s not sure what to make of it. As soon as Marleigh opened the door, Clay knew he had found his future. I can’t wait to read Roan’s story!

Go Deep is the fourth installment in Fiona Davenport’s The New York Nighthawks series. This is a standalone romance novel by instalove, passionate and sporty. Recently transferred to the NY Nighthawks soccer team, Clay Henson needs a temporary place to stay while his new home is renovated. His best friend’s girlfriend offers him the apartment she shares with her friend Marleigh.

Clay certainly doesn’t want to stay in a hotel for the next two weeks and decides to take advantage of the offer. He reluctantly moves in with Marleigh, but any reservations he had are thrown overboard when he meets his beautiful new roommate. It’s love at first sight for Clay and he plans to lay claim to his wife. Marleigh may be a shy virgin, but Clay shows her wild side. Clay focuses solely on Marleigh and is devoted to him. He is completely over the top with jealousy, possessiveness and dominance. The PERFECT book lover!

Readers who love fast-paced Instalove sports romance with an OTT alpha and an innocent heroine will devour this novel! Get ready to fan yourself from all the heat! 😉

Tropes: sports romance, installation love, hype, virgin heroine, romance, happily ever after, reproduction, surprise pregnancy.

The Clay and Marleigh story was a great addition to the Nighthawks series. Clay stayed with his friend while their house was being renovated until Jordan called him and told him he had to leave immediately as he was taking his wife home. With no other choice, she ends up in a hotel until Jordan’s girlfriend offers her room at Marleigh’s. When they see each other, their attraction is instant and their chemistry is off the charts. From here, their relationship grew into something special. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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