Download Freeing Ruby [PDF] By April Wilson

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Freeing Ruby Book pdf download for free or read online, also Freeing Ruby pdf was written by April Wilson.

BookFreeing Ruby AuthorApril WilsonLanguageEnglishSize1.2 MBPages245CategoryNovels

Freeing Ruby Book PDF download for free

Freeing Ruby Book PDF download for free

Ever since witnessing the murder of her mother when she was just a child, Ruby has suffered from agoraphobia. When her father became too impatient with her condition, she moved out on her own. She’s lived alone, in complete isolation, for the past two years, never once having set foot outside her safe haven. But her safe place is no longer safe. Someone is terrorizing her, day and night.

Freeing Ruby Pdf Download

Miguel Rodriguez is a professional bodyguard working for McIntyre Security, Inc. His boss has assigned him to assess Ruby’s claims that someone is stalking her. Ruby’s father insists her claims are all in her head. Miguel has been tasked with finding out the truth.

Miguel moves in with Ruby as her 24/7 protector, and it doesn’t take him long to confirm that her claims are valid. Miguel vows to find out who is terrorizing her and stop him. And maybe, if he’s lucky, he’ll become more than just Ruby’s bodyguard. Maybe he’ll be her knight in shining armor and give her the life she deserves.

A slow burn, close proximity, multicultural romantic suspense… lots of feels, a swoonworthy hero, and a courageous heroine. HEA guaranteed. Never any cheating. Can be read standalone, but will be enjoyed more as part of the McIntyre Security Protectors series.

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