Download Forever Paired [PDF] By Kathleen Brooks

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Forever Paired book pdf download for free or read online, also Forever Paired pdf was written by Kathleen Brooks.

BookForever PairedAuthorKathleen BrooksLanguageEnglishSize975 KBPagesCategoryNovel

Forever Paired Book PDF download for free

Great story, I love this series. It’s funny, it has drama and romance. Landon and Kate’s story. Kate’s new job as a high-level coach brings trouble. She has a meeting at Landon’s restaurant, parked in the back when she is attacked by a hooded man who wants her to play games, she refuses as she will not be involved in the ruse, he then throws her to the ground and cuts 2 he gets tired of her and threatens her with a knife.

She was saved by Landon, who owns the restaurant, threw the man to the ground over her shoulder, the knife fell under a car, she jumped and ran. Kate is so grateful that she kisses him. There begins their romance. Also, she meets many of Davies’s relatives in Keeneston when hers Mo offers her a cabin on her land to stay and Landon offers to drive her there because the tires on her car were flat. There are more attacks on her and warnings about what will happen if she doesn’t do as she says. She tries to hide her problems from Landon. A very good story worth reading.

Forever Paired Pdf Download

This book is at the perfect time as I love how it shows a woman as a professional soccer coach and some of the struggles that could actually happen. I love how the girls welcome her and the Keeneston family supports her like one more. And then there’s Landon, who’s a chef with his own restaurant, but because of who his family is, it’s also so much more. This story is another amazing mix of suspense, humor, small-town family, animals in baby carriers, and of course, romance.

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