Download Fault Line [PDF] By Ki Stephens

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Fault Line Book pdf download for free or read online, also Fault Line pdf was written by Ki Stephens.

BookFault LineAuthorKi StephensLanguageEnglishSizesizePages1.7 MBCategoryNovels

Fault Line Book PDF download for free

Fault Line Book PDF download for free

KAIA Karras has always excelled in the classroom. She’s a born and bred overachiever, chronic over thinker, and full time seeker of academic validation. But being top of the class doesn’t happen without making sacrifices.

So when it comes to relationships, she’s only looking for something casual and transactional. A way to shut off her brain for a little while, and finally get some much needed sleep.

Fault Line Pdf Download

That is, until she spends just one night with Holden Becker, a talented hockey player with a sharp wit and a secret soft spot for her.

HOLDEN Becker plays by his own rules, both on and off the ice. He’s used to getting what he wants, whether it’s the attention of his coach or the admiration of his teammates. But when he and Kaia both secure top marks for their research proposals, they’re forced to share an academic advisor.

Their rivalry quickly turns to passion, and they find themselves in a precarious situation: hooking up behind closed doors, all while trying to keep their relationship strictly casual.

Three years of rivalry. Just one night to cut the tension. When the ground beneath them begins to shake, will they hold on or let go?

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