Download Extra Virgin Gargoyle [PDF] By Honey Phillips

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Extra Virgin Gargoyle book pdf download for free or read online, also Extra Virgin Gargoyle pdf was written by Honey Phillips.

BookExtra Virgin GargoyleAuthorHoney PhillipsLanguageEnglishSize512 KBPages94CategoryNovel

Extra Virgin Gargoyle Book PDF download for free

When Angie unexpectedly inherits a bookstore from her grandmother, she’s determined to make it a success. Unfortunately, the somewhat unusual residents of Screaming Woods don’t get along with outsiders and their dream threatens to fail.

In a desperate attempt to make ends meet, she takes a part-time job cataloging the library of the large Gothic mansion on the outskirts of town. But the brooding owner of the gargoyle really turns out to be even more fascinating than his collection.

After the unfortunate incident that transformed Alastair into his current form, he retired to his inherited mansion. He has his books and his studies and he tells himself that he doesn’t long for anything anymore.

An unexpected encounter with the feisty and curvaceous bookstore owner reminds him of everything he’s missed. Even though he knows there is no future for either of them, he can’t resist the temptation to have her close. After all, what does a monster really like him have to offer her?

A sweet and spicy tale of a librarian and her bestie!

Extra Virgin Gargoyle Book Pdf Download

Angie and Alistair had to meet in this twist, which feels like Beauty and the Beast. I enjoyed the whole story but was saddened by her parents’ choices regarding Zelda. That was really dirty of him. Alistair had this bad experience that made him even more lonely, but the author’s way of bringing them together was magnetic. I love everything Honey Phillips writes and this book is no exception. It was very entertaining with a good story behind it and relatable characters who are easy to love too!

Honey Phillips’ male characters always lay their alphaness on thick, but with an overlay of sweetness that suits the heroine and plot perfectly. This book is no exception! It’s a great read that I didn’t want to put down until the end. Angie and Alastair were cute
And sexy couple. The lonely gargoyle who thought he was too monstrous for a woman to want to be with, all because of a gold digger named Tonya.

Angie, the heroine who accepted her difference and wanted to start something new with her grandmother’s bookstore. I love the townspeople of Screaming Woods and how they added to the richness of the story. This is a book I would read again because it’s so layered and it’s a great, sweet, sensual, lush love story. The sex scenes are impressive. I love the way Honey Phillips can take a gargoyle, minotaur, or sea creature and create a believable, compelling sex scene.

Monster Between The Sheets books are so much fun! This one is from Honey Phillips…which tells me everything! I realize some of you may not have read this, so I urge you to fix it immediately! This is a fun place to start. This is the story of Angie and Alastair and it’s a sweet story. Alastair just touched my nerdy heart he’s so cute but so lonely.

Angie is really a beautiful soul with my dream job, she has a bookstore. Due to a misunderstanding, business isn’t doing well, so Angie leaves to work part-time for Alastair. I’ll stop here because I don’t want to spoil the story. One thing you can count on when it’s Honey Phillips is that the characters are wonderful, the world building is well done and the story will hold your attention.

That was a great story! It was very well written and compelled me to delve into it and the story was great too! I obviously love books and that turned me on as much as it did the gruff man. Both are very interesting and both were adorable. I love your shop, what a cozy happiness.

She didn’t want to disappoint her grandmother and this man cheered her up…

They’re so cute together, but once they let the other person in, they’re so hot together! OMG. He does something for her and the same thing for her. He can trust her and I felt sorry for him and her. They are both good people and when they met those sparks exploded! Then we can read the town’s citizens and that got even cooler. I love everyone!

I loved Extra Virgin Gargoyle: Monster Between the Sheets. This series is awesome. The perfect series for Halloween. Angie took over her grandmother’s bookstore in Screaming Woods. Unfortunately, people don’t shop at his store, so he takes a job at Alastair to catalog his library. Her gargoyle is watching her, but she’s tired of waiting for it to move, so she makes it move.

Things are going well until Alastair basically tells her to shut down her business and move in with him. If he can’t understand why the bookstore is important to her, he may not be the right one for her. A great story and lovable characters. I definitely recommend this book and the entire series.

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